Sunday, December 16, 2012

Planet Of The Apes -Observe & Report -Dan Hill

Page 22

We OPEN on a CLOSE UP of a young CHIMPANZEE as it sits staring back at us from behind bars.

I often sit and stare at them, wondering what lies behind those eyes.

TWO SHOT: On the left side  of the panel stands a boorish looking ACADEMIC TYPE wearing glasses, a lab coat and a check shirt. He's making notes on a clipboard, looking towards the chimpanzee who's in the middle row of a stack of cages that lead off into the background. All of them contain other chimps.

Do complex machinations ever simmer to the surface of what passes for a brain in there?

TIGHT SHOT on the chimp as it eats a banana messily.

Or are they just slaves to their primal urges; eat, kill, fuck.

Angle on the lab worker looking over his glasses towards the chimp, disdain across his face.

I never get an answer.

By now I don’t expect one.

Similar to 22.2 but the lab worker is further down the row of cages in the background, checking up on the other chimps.

Instead I carry on observing. I carry on making notes...

Tight on the chimp as he grips the bars of his cage. He looks left, his gaze following the lab worker’s route.

...waiting for the day we rise up.


  1. I really like this script Dan. At first I thought I guessed the twist, but the eating of the banana threw me. Exceptional writing there. You play to the reader's expectations, throw in a curve ball and then prove them to be right. Very skilful writing.

  2. Classic bait and switch, and brimming with potential.

  3. Reading this from Panama City airport - this was an awesome read as i wait for my next flight. Next stop - DC! - Anyway...really enjoyed this one. Cheers!

  4. Man you write some strong captions. Panel 2 shows the big headed and pompous nature of the lab worker in a few short words, then with panel 3 you swerve and change course and hit us with a three beat gut punch of eat,kill,fuck. Tip top scripting.

    As the reader I honestly felt that the last panel was going to have the Chimp staring straight at us, wiping the mess from his face in a calm and dignified manner.

  5. As always, your dialogue is most excellent, Dan. Great concept, perfectly executed.


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