Monday, December 17, 2012

Planet of the Apes – Re-Evolution - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A modern day looking office taking place many years after the events of the original Planet of the Apes movie.  An Ape in a suit sits at a desk, writing.  Another suited Ape is walking in.  He looks as if he has been rushing to get to his superior. 

                SECOND SUITED APE
    Sir, it has happened again.

2.  A close up of the Ape at the desk.  He has stopped writing and is looking at the Second Suited Ape.  He is knows what has happened again, but is not shocked.  He is pensive and boarder line alarmed.

                SEATED APE
                Again? They are occurring more readily now.  This is worrisome.

                SECOND SUITED APE
                Shall I inform the council, sir?

3.  A wide panel showing both Apes.

                SEATED APE
                No.  I shall do it.

                SECOND SUITED APE
                And the child?

4.  We are now in a hospital where doctor Apes have just delivered a baby.  However this baby is human.

                CAPTION (Seated Ape)
                Put it with the others.


  1. This works as a great opener to an issue, perhaps even the start of a mini. You set up your world of Apes as close to our current timeline as possible with them in suits and hospitals showing modern aesthetics quickly establishes the time and place. Then you hit us with that final panel reveal. A wonderful hook for a page turn or a next issue even, plus the visual of a fragile new born baby in the arms of a hulking ape has some much weight and power behind it.

    Awesome page.

  2. A clean and simple page, with an interesting hook at the end.

    I was unclear as to what it meant though. Are humans merely expanding in numbers? Or are humans being born to apes?

    Maybe I'm just tired.

    1. The title had be believe that the apes are giving birth to humans.

  3. Love it. The whole thing is well paced, and the twist at the end really grabs you. As a reader, I wouldn't be able to stop after seeing that.


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