Saturday, December 22, 2012

Planet of the Apes - "Seen Out of Context" - R.A. Wonsowski

This is dedicated to Mirko Zayas, a teacher of Knowledge Theory at Saint Anne's School.  One of my favourite tidbits from him was to beware experiencing ANYTHING, art, literature, music, whatever, out of its cultural context.  This was echoed by other teachers at school (Scott Howard, Gregg Rich, Azucena Aluan, Jose Zelaschi, among others).

To all my friends and partners at St. Anne's, Thank you for everything!  Viva Santa Anna!  I'll miss you guys...

Panel 1 - Inside a European cathedral, now fallen into ruin.  The frescoes and walls have all been sandblasted or worn away to a dull grey.
The only things somewhat recognizable are a few statues of emaciated saints and a giant crucifix hanging above the altar, a tortured Christ hanging from it.
In the back pew, where our point-of-view is from, his back to us, sits DR. ZAIUS, looking at the crucifix and altar.

CAPTION (Zaius):  Field Notes - According to the existing data, this was once a human place of worship.

Panel 2 - From below, the faded statue of Mary revealing her Sacred Heart, looking longingly, beatifically, up towards Heaven.

CAPTION (Zaius):  This female captured tearing out her heart - self-sacrifice for their deity.

Panel 3 - Now, we are looking up at the crucifix, faded, but all the markings of Roman torture still are evident on the sculpture.  So is the calm and merciful look of the dying Jesus.

CAPTION (Zaius):  And here.  The male of the species pierced by nails, crowned with spikes, stab wounds and scarring from abuse and starvation.

Panel 4 - ZAIUS walking down the steps outside the cathedral, a look of disgust upon his face.

CAPTION (Zaius):  Imagine.  THAT being the objects of worship.  Self-destruction.  Torture.  A faith where only death and pain are to be tasted.

CAPTION (Zaius):  No ape would ask this of his brother.

Panel 5 - A little further away, ZAIUS presses his thumb to a detonator button.  The cathedral explodes in a ball of fire and dust.

CAPTION (Zaius):  Maybe it is better that the human animal stay extinct, if the Nailed Man is the symbol of their love.

CAPTION (Zaius):  Maybe the Nailed Man would agree.

CAPTION:  "Do you think if Jesus comes back, he's ever gonna wanna see another cross?" - Bill Hicks


  1. Pat yourself on the back for this one! Great page mate. Wonderful shift of view on something to familiar. You create great imagery and place out the Dr. thoughts in a very real way. Each panel is a perfect snapshot that pushes your story forward whilst telling us, the reader, even more.

    Wonderful work!

  2. Nothing but love for this page, and it had that 'Ape's' kind of tone going for it too.

  3. Wow. This page is ridiculously strong. Everything about it just works. Love the misinterpretation by Dr. Zaius. Fits his character to a tee.


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