Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pokémon – Attack of the Ditto People – MK Stangeland Jr.

Page 1

Note: The ‘Text Boxes’ for this page should look as though they’re hand written on paper to signify that they are excerpts from a letter written by AGENT WHITE.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Night, right outside a tall building in the seedier part of a city. A man dressed as a G-Man – AGENT WHITE – has just been thrown out a window.


TEXT BOX/LETTER: To my friends and allies:

TEXT BOX (2): I believe my time is short. I shall keep this the same.

Panel 2: Panel is positioned above AGENT WHITE as he and the glass around him fall to the alleyway below. A pair of dark sunglasses have fallen away from his face. AGENT WHITE doesn’t show signs of fear, but rather of regretful acceptance – he knows his life is about to end, and takes comfort in the fact that he did all that he could before it happens.

TEXT BOX: Last I spoke to you, I was investigating a Dr. Moore for illegal genetic experimentation.

TEXT BOX (2): My suspicions have proven worse than true, beyond what I would have guessed.

Panel 3: Panel is positioned underneath AGENT WHITE as he nears the ground.

TEXT BOX: I have included a list of what notes I could encode to aid you in stopping him. I trust that you will know how to decode them for your own use.

Panel 4: Panel of the alleyway, with the shadow of AGENT WHITE as he hits the ground as a discretion shot against his death.

SFX: krAa-unk

TEXT BOX: The names included are those you should focus on exposing to reveal Moore’s plan to the world.

Panel 5: Panel of AGENT WHITE’s dead body on the ground of the alleyway. A DITTO is in the background sliding towards his body.

TEXT BOX: His Ditto could be anywhere.

Panel 6: Similar appearance for AGENT WHITE, but the DITTO from PANEL 5 is seen starting to transform into a human-shaped individual which will become a copy of AGENT WHITE on the next page.


(End Page)

(Next Page: Splash page of replacement Agent White and the words “Not even me.”)


  1. I thought this was a nifty page with the combination of the letter as caption and the action going on proving to be effective.

    My only caveat is that, like all of the other pages this week, I have no idea how this relates back to Pokemon, etc.

  2. The letter sections as captions are used to great effect here. They tell one story whilst the visuals tell another, a cool techniques used really well here.

    Furthermore the use of Ditto is a cool concept, a lot of pokemon have abilities that have a much bigger use than you ever see in the show,games or comics.

    I can't help but get a Blade Runner vibe from this page, and that can only be a good thing surely? :)


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