Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pokemon - The Fiend Strikes Again - R.A. Wonsowski

5 wide panels, one on top of the other.

Panel 1 - It's a beautiful day in the forest.  The sky is blue, the pine trees are lush, the grass seems freshly mowed, even though there isn't a John Deere in sight, the sun is a yellow ball, and here comes PIKACHU, lightning shooting out of its...hindquarters (?), zipping left to right with an agonizing expression on its face.

PIKACHU:  ...kapikapikapikapikapikaaa...

Panel 2 - Same background, but here comes ASH KETCHUM, following the lightning streak, grasping his stomach with both arms clutched to it, his face a cross of pain and panic and tinted green. 

ASH:  ...ooh...

Panel 3 - Same background, and along comes Team Rocket partners JESSIE and JAMES, following ASH.  JESSIE is running frantically, her hands clutching her backside desperately.  JAMES is running in the same cartoonish style, but the back of his pants is starting to lump as he panics.

JAMES:  ...oh, sweet mother of...

Panel 4 - Background scenery only.


Panel 5 - Same background.  Along comes TRUTH-SAYING BASTARD SPIDEY (see ), walking after our cast as if enjoying the lovely day, pumping his shotgun-shaped "Ronco Bowel Disrupter" (it says so on the barrel, and is set to PROLAPSE), smiling at us, cigarette in his teeth.

TSBS:  ...gotta catch'em all...


  1. Such a mad mix up of characters, but a pitch perfect concept and set up for a one pager. Nice build up and use of franchise character before the panel 4 calm beat, before you switch into the high gear of that reveal.

    As always from you buddy, I never ever get a page I expect, but I alway get something original, interesting and great.

  2. I love that last panel. But it's the potential next panel that needs to be drawn, haha.


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