Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pokemon - Osôshiki - Grant McLaughlin

The top row is made up of panels 1 through 3.  Panel 4 takes up the second row.  Panels 5 and 6 are equally divided on the last row.

Night time.

1 - Close-up on an ornate, Japanese coffin. The nails stand half nailed down along the coffin's edges. This should be far enough that the object is clearly a coffin, but close enough that there isn't much else visible, positioned so that one of the nails is the focal point of the panel.

CAPTION: Before.

2 - Repeat panel, except a gloved hand holding a fist-sized black and gray igneous rock is smacking the focal point nail of the previous panel into the coffin with a loud "smk!".

SFX: smk!

3 - Repeat panel one, but the nail is now knocked in, flush with the coffin edge.

4 - A man stands seemingly alone in the darkness of the night. From the strong illumination on his face and features, it is clear that a big fire is before him and it burns brightly against him. He wears a look of determination.

CAPTION (MAN): There must be a way to tame these creatures.

5 - Reverse the angle. It's clear that there is a large funeral pyre, cremating the coffin and body from panels 1 through 3. The blaze shines brightly in the dark night, a heavy plume of smoke coming from its top. It's also clear that the man isn't actually alone, but the other mourners stand apart from him, leaving him as the sole figure between us and the fire. The darkness in the middle of the blaze. The man stands with his hands behind his back, holding gloves in his hands.

CAPTION (MAN): To control them.

6 - Close up of the man's clasped hands, still holding the gloves. There is a wedding band on his right hand. First caption above the hands, second caption below.

CAPTION (MAN) (1): To stop things like this from happening.

CAPTION (MAN) (2): And I will find it.


  1. Brooding and dark page that focus on a time and part of the pokemon universe I have never really thought about.

    That last panel hits a strong emotional beat that works so well to hook the reader in and give your character all the motivation he could need.

    One thing, personally as the reader those last two captions read better the other way around. Just a thought.

  2. I have no frame of reference for the context behind this page at all.

    That said, it did resonate with me in terms of mood and tone which I thought were well executed here.


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