Friday, December 14, 2012

Pokemon - Shades of Your Journey Await - J.D. Coughlan

Four normal panels, one large panel at the bottom.

Panel 1: Red (the player character from Generation I) sits on a pier at the southern end of Pallet Town, gazing hopefully out. It is sunrise, so colour appropriately.


Panel 2: Same, except now Daisy (Gary Oak's sister) approaches from behind. Red half-turns to look at her.

DAISY: So today's the big day, huh?

RED: Heh.

RED: Yup.

Panel 3: Daisy sits beside Red.

DAISY: Excited?

Panel 4: Daisy and Red both sitting. Red looks back out to sea. Daisy looks at him.

RED: I've waited for this day for as long as I can remember... but...

RED: But part of me is really gonna miss this place.

Panel 5: Red and Daisy from behind. They both gaze out across the glass-like water. Cinnabar Island can be seen in the distance.




  1. Calm, slightly beautiful moment. Very well played, subtle and lovely. That last image is a really powerful note to drop for an end of issue.

  2. The page has a poignant and bittersweet air to it. The fact I'm picking up on that and having no context whatsoever for this is a good thing I think.


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