Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pokemon - Team Rocket - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Inside a bank.  People are laying on the floor, covering their heads and afraid. Members of Team Rocket are standing in various spots looking menacing.  The ring leader stands in the middle of the room.

We have no interest in your money. We require only your Pokemon.  Hand them over and no-one gets hurt.

2.  The hostages who were lying on the floor are now standing, pokeballs in hand putting them into the sacks held by the various members of Team Rocket.  The leader stands, watching.  At the back of the panel a man 
is trying to sneak out the door, pokeball in hand.  The Leader has seen him.

3.  The Leader is throwing a pokeball.


4.  The door which the man was trying to escape through is now blocked by the hulking Gyarados ( ).  It stares down at him.  The man is scared.

LEADER (off panel)
--use Bite.

5.  Gyarados has bitten off the man’s arm.  The man screams in pain.


6.  The leader is standing above the severed hand of the man, his pokeball still in the hand. He smirks at the horrific scene.  In the background the other hostages are suddenly scared for their lives.

I did say ‘hand’ them over, didn't I. 


  1. I can get behind this version of Pokemon.

    Nice gag too!

  2. My main question is what's keeping the entirety of the the people being robbed from trying to use their own pokemon to fight back.

  3. I really like it, Ben. There's a nice bait and switch with the bank scene, and the brutality of the arm biting works well in my estimation. My only nitpick is that something feels a little off about that opening dialogue. A tad stiffer than I thinks is necessary. Digging rest of it though.

  4. Totally dig the concept, I had toyed with the idea myself but used something different for the site when I saw your page.

    The final panel gag was super silly but that played off nicely with brutality of the attack.

    As the reader I'd almost like to see Gyarados come out before the guy tries to run. First that gives the gang the intimidation factor, which is why the hostages don't try to fight back, it also gives your runner his final push to make a break for it. The appearance of such a big powerful pokemon like Gyarados makes for a great catalyst for the action.


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