Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pokemon- The Wanderer Returns -Dan Hill

Disclaimer: I missed the whole Pokemon phenomenon. I know scant details about it or the franchise. Obviously I went with a slightly different take.

Page One

We OPEN on a shot of a cell door with the number 151 stencilled on it in black 
deep in the bowels of a maximum security facility. The door and corridor are both a brilliant, pristine white.

We can partially see  four people, two either side of the cell door, standing with their backs to us.

Ah, this is perhaps our most interesting guest.

ZOOM IN on the door, focusing on the eye level hatch. A hand enters from off panel and begins to open the hatch.

The once great, Doctor Ashley Kanto.

Wait...the shrinking man?

The very same.

ZOOM IN on the door, almost through it. The hatch is now open and through it we can see inside. The cell is spartan, with a bed set against the back wall and a stainless steel toilet a little further up on the left wall.

Sitting on the bed is DOCTOR KANTO, a Japanese man with thick black hair and a youthful looking face, devoid of lines and wrinkles. Kanto is sat on up on his bed, the left side of his face facing us.

I thought he was dead.

He was found wandering around Machida City.

Still zooming in, through the hatch and into the cell, closer in on Kanto.

His once famous claims of being able to exist at an almost microscopic level could not be confirmed.
He’s quite mad.

Pushing in more, a tight shot on Kanto.

He’s prone to fainting fits, bouts of mania and claims to have ‘evolved’ to the point where he has mastery over several hundred different species of insect.

Kanto has turned to face us completely now, revealing a dead milky white eye.  A small smirk plays across Kanto’s face.

He says they will come for him when they are ready.

KANTO (quietly)

Let’s move on, shall we?

Wide panel: extreme close up on Kanto’s eye, an image of what looks like a POKE BALL where his pupil is.

KANTO (whispering)


  1. For a man who opens his page with that disclaimer, I can't help but feel you did a great job.

    The tone of the page has a dark edge to it and the way you describe the facility makes me think of scenes from some of my favourite anime shows. The page reminds me, in tone and atmosphere at least, of the opening scene from the first pokemon movie (Which I guess you have not seen.)

    Further more and I might be wrong, but the character of Kanto feels like a nice bit of meta character play with the creator of pokemon, who has gone on record as saying that catching bugs as a child played heavily into his inspiration to make pokemon.

    All in all good page Mr Hill.

  2. Kanto was definitely named after the creator, and the aspects of insect collecting and Machida City were also purposeful (as was the last bit of dialogue).

    The cell number too is also an inside joke.

  3. As someone who was fully engrossed in the Pokemon phenomenon, this page intially threw me for a loop. While I adored the games and tv shows, I didn't know anything about the franchise's creator, so I didn't really understand what was going on here.

    After some quick googling, I must say bravo to such an intricate script. Some excellent atmosphere building, and a nice melding of fact and fiction to create something new.

    Also: I'm glad that I decided against using the pokeball / eye image for my script, because your use is far more effective than what I had in mind.


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