Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – SUPER-RUDOLPH – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: Scene is the frozen wastes. RUDOLPH stands on a icy cliff looking out over the horizon. A Holographicesque image of an older reindeer’s portrait is stretches high across the sky, a la SUPERMAN’s dad.

NARRATION BOX: And then, as Rudolph stood along among the frozen wastes, he had a vision!

Panel 2: The older reindeer fills the panel as it sits in the sky.

NARRATION BOX: And then the vision spoke to him! It said…

REINDEER: RUDOLPH! Rudolph, my son!

Panel 3: The elder reindeer overlooks RUDOLPH as he speaks.

REINDEER (1): You wondered what your purpose was.

REINDEER (2): I tell you it is this: To be a beacon of light to this world!

Panel 4: Close up on RUDOLPH, now with a heroic look of determination on his face.


Panel 5: The panel is largely dark, but the light from RUDOLPH’s nose makes it bright enough to see that RUDOLPH is punching SAURON (of the LORD OF THE RINGS variety) in the face as SANTA, ELVES, and other REINDEER cheer him on off to the side.

NARRATION BOX: So Super-Rudolph flew back to the North Pole and saved Christmas from the Dark Lord Sauron!

Panel 6: This panel cuts to the actual scene as we see who’s telling the story – It’s PINKIE PIE (MLP:FIM), and she’s telling the story to APPLEBLOOM, SWEETIE BELL, and SCOOTALOO.

PINKIE PIE: And that’s why we decorate with strings of light every year!

Panel 7: APPLEBLOOM, SWEETIE BELL, and SCOOTALOO sit in front of PINKIE PIE, and all three of them have a ‘WTF?’ look on their face while having not the slightest idea WHAT it is they just heard.



  1. I dug the Superman analogy at the opening, and was totally with it. Then you lost with Sauron turning up, then even more with the MLP stuff.

  2. A fun page, but it lost me a bit with the inclusion of the MLP characters as I have no idea who they are.

  3. I'm by no means a brony, but I know enough about the show to appreciate that reveal in the last panel. The Superman analogy was enjoyable, but that turn is what brought a smile to my face. Well done.


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