Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rudolph - Reindeer Games - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Nighttime in the North Pole during Rudolph's youth.  Rudolph is hiding behind an embankment in the snow.  He looks super happy, a great big smile on his face.

RUDOLPH (quietly): I can't believe they finally let me join in!

2 - Switch angles to the other side of Rudolph's hiding spot.  Pull the camera back a bit to get a good sense of the setting.  A red glow emerges from the embakment Rudolph is behind, making it incredibly obvious where he's hiding.  A reindeer is walking in the foreground, just emerging from the right hand side of the panel.

RUDOLPH (quietly, from behind embankment): This is going to be the perfect hiding spot!

3 - Same scene.  A whole bunch of other reindeer Rudolph's age are now walking by the foreground.  They're trying to keep quiet, mischevious looks on their faces.  Many quiet sniggers are surpressed as the group sneaks by.  One reindeer lags behind the rest, looking over towards Rudolph's location.

RUDOLPH (quietly, from behind embankment): They'll never find me here!

4 - Reverse angle on the laggin reindeer.  She looks sad / remorseful as she walks on.


5 - Repeat the shot from panels 2 and 3.  The reindeer in the foreground are long gone.  The night has grown even darker.  Rudolph's glow remains.



  1. lt's the lagg¡ng g¡rl-re¡ndeer that sells ¡t for me. Couldn't help but let out a qu¡et "aw".

  2. A beautiful page Grant. A wistfully sentimental look at the hardships of youth. Heart breaking one pager with a massive amount of emotion punch without ever feeling forced.

  3. The last panel is what lifts this page to being tragic to poignant. Overall this is an interesting take on the story that wouldn't be out of place in an all ages comic. Good stuff.


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