Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tiger Lawyer - In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two seperate, yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. And Tiger Lawyer. These are their stories. - R.A. Wonsowski

9 panel, 3x3 grid

Panel 1 - black, with caption in white lettering

CAPTION:  (centered, at bottom)  Superior Court - Part 31


Panel 2 - View from the witness stand, as if we are on trial.  The D.A., played by James Rebhorn (you know, THIS guy:)
looks to the judge (on our right, and again unseen)
and backs his way to his table.
TIGER LAWYER is reading a manila file,
reading glasses held at his nose.

D.A.:  No further questions, Your Honor.

TIGER LAWYER:  Redirect, Your Honor?

Panel 3 - Same p.o.v.  TIGER LAWYER
pushes himself to a standing position,
manila file open before him, glasses in his paw.  The D.A. takes his seat at his table.

TIGER LAWYER:  You have maintained that your confession was coerced.

ME:  Absolutely.

TIGER LAWYER:  And that despite your physical advantage, this was a matter of self defense.

ME:  That's right.

Panel 4 - Same p.o.v.  TIGER LAWYER standing between his table and us.  D.A. now sitting down.

TIGER LAWYER:  In fact, you requested meetings with the State attorney's office, and willingly sat down with him to explain your unusual circumstances.

ME:  Yes, sir.

TIGER LAWYER:  And who was present at these meetings?

Panel 5 - Same p.o.v.  Same as above, except the witness (us) is pointing at the D.A., who has a look of angry shock.

ME:  That Assistant D.A., you know, the dishy one with the legs.

ME:  And that douchebag right there.

D.A.:  HEY!  Your Honor...

Panel 6 - Same p.o.v.  TIGER LAWYER gesturing to the D.A., who is now standing gesturing his hands at TIGER LAWYER and us.

TIGER LAWYER:  Let the record show the witness has indicated the douchebag...

D.A.:  Your Honor!  Objection!

Panel 7 - Same p.o.v  TIGER LAWYER no stands smugly with his paws in his pockets.  The D.A. is shocked, angry, indignant, and turning red.

D.A.:  I am not going to stand here getting insulted.  I want that stricken from the record!

JUDGE:  (unseen, from the right) What a douchebag...Overruled!

Panel 8 - Same p.o.v.  Everyone in the court is slack-jawed, wide-eyed shocked into silence, the D.A. most of all.  TIGER LAWYER is backing up closer to the D.A.


Panel 9 - Same p.o.v.  TIGER LAWYER standing next to the D.A. who is redfaced, screaming, head tilted back.  TIGER LAWYER is talking from the side of his mouth to the D.A. while facing us and the judge.

TIGER LAWYER:  (small lettering) ...douchebag...


JUDGE:  (unseen, from the right) Oh for Chris'sakes...Proceed!


  1. I didn't realize you had such a problem with James Rebhorn, Ray! I was a little confused with the witness / us / me thing, but this was a fun little page that managed to combine the silliness of Tiger Lawyer with some amusing jibes at Law & Order. Well done.

    1. Actually, I love the guy, he's one of my favourite actors that, even though never A-list, just always acts going for the throat. He plays the d-bag type characters so well, and with such relish. Someday, I would love to see him play the wise mentor-father figure in something, but he's just too much fun this way.

      James Rebhorn is THE MAN!!!

  2. This was a fun little page, if not a little panel/dialogue heavy.

  3. I have to agree with Dan on this, its a really fun little page but so dense with dialogue. It could totally work though, I am sure we have all seen artists do pages with way more in than should be humanly possible to pull off.


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