Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tiger Lawyer - The Morning After (The Night Before) - Grant McLaughlin

Sorry I'm late.  Hope it was worth the wait.  I'd say panel one top row, panels two and three middle row, and a good portion of the page reserved for panel four.

1 - Shot of Tiger Lawyer's living room.  While it's evident that the place is usually quite luxurious, at the moment it looks like a tornado recently swept through.  The aftermath of a ripping house party are visible everywhere.  Furniture is overturned, lamps are without their shades, and empty food and drink containers are everywhere, to name but a few things.  Let's also say that there's a jetski lying in the middle of the whole disaster area.  Along the back wall, there's an open doorway that leads into Tiger Lawyer's bedroom.  Tiger Lawyer speaks from within the room, his word bubble shaky and wavy to connote his hungover state.

TIGER LAWYER (from within room): eughgh --

2 - Inside Tiger Lawyer's bed room.  You wouldn't think it's possible, but things are actually worse here.  One or two corners of the mattress has fallen into the bed frame, clothing is everywhere (as if TL's drawers have been completely emptied), things are broken, and claw marks cover anything and everything (again just to give an idea).  The sliding door to his balcony / deck is open and nature has gotten into the place during the night.  Despite the poor shape of the bed, Tiger Lawyer is asleep within it, completely covered by his sheets.  He is in the unfortunate state of waking up.  Word balloons remain shaky and wavy.

TIGER LAWYER (small in the balloon): what did I do last night...?

3 - Tiger Lawyer gets up from his bed.  He holds his head in pain.  Frame this so the open door is behind Tiger Lawyer and the whole shot is in silhouette.  Word balloons remain shaky and wavy.

TIGER LAWYER: ooohh...

4 - Tiger Lawyer stands in front of the full length mirror in his room (or bathroom, if you prefer).  He is terrified at what he sees.  Shirtless, it's quite easy to see that Tiger Lawyer's stripes are gone.  Instead, he's just a big, orange cat.  Frame the shot from behind Tiger Lawyer, so the figure facing the reader is his reflection.

TIGER LAWYER: What did I do last night?!

CAPTION: Next: A tiger can change its stripes?!?


  1. Such an odd concept to come at the character with but I dig it. It feels like an Aesop's fable gone wrong.

    Its fun and playful in a way that Tiger Lawyer should be. The fact that this story could go in a number of wonderful directions that all fit the character makes me really intrigued as to where you would take this.

    Lastly Jetski in the living room is a great visual and clearly a sign of a good night.

  2. I dig this one. There's some cool visual gags and that last panel is a great page turn.


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