Monday, December 3, 2012

Tiger Lawyer – Objection – Ben Rosenthal

1.  A courtroom.  This panel shows the defence table, the head defence lawyer standing, raising his fist in anger as he objects strongly to a form of questioning. 


OBJECTION YOUR HONOUR! Prosecution is intimidating the witness.

2.  A man sits in the Docks, cowering with fear.  Next to him, leaning over the docks is Tiger Lawyer.  His hands are raised in a mock attacking position (like when a child pretends to roar like a tiger) and his mouth open wide, sitting just above the witness’ head.  Tiger Lawyers mouth could easily fit the width of the witness’ cranium in his mouth.  Tiger Lawyer’s eyes are not vicious at all, rather looking over at the defence sheepishly.




  1. Yeah, that sounds like it would be pretty dang intimidating. :^b

  2. Fun two beat reveal gag that works perfectly. The visual of panel 2 is pure gold.

  3. Fits that Tiger Lawyer vein of humour to a tee. Good stuff!

  4. Two-beat, classic set-up/knock-down piece. Great comic comedy.

  5. Love it. Super goofy, but it works so well. Awesome stuff, Ben.


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