Sunday, January 6, 2013

Amalgam Comics - Blackest Siege - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: This whole page should be in the style of TV screens, with the NMCN (New Metro City News) logo in the corner of each panel. Reporter Lois Carter (Lois Lane/Sharon Carter) provides voiceover.

In this first screen, we see the Rock of Asgard (Rock of Eternity/Asgard) hovering above farmland in Oklahoma, with an army of the undead assaulting it.

LOIS (CAP): If you're just joining us -- as insane as it sounds -- Director of C.H.E.C.K.M.A.T.E. Harvey Osborn has used the Norn Rings to summon the dead to attack the Rock of Asgard!

Panel 2: Close-up of the battle. The Justice Avengers (JLA/Avengers) fighting the dead, and not doing well. Present are Super-Soldier (Superman/Captain America), Dark Claw (Batman/Wolverine), Amazon (Wonder Woman/Storm), Iron Lantern (Green Lantern/Iron Man) and any others you can fit in.

LOIS (CAP): The Justice Avengers are fighting the undead army, but it is not going well for them, even with the recently returned Super-Soldier leading them.

Panel 3: Same as Panel 2, but now there is a bright flash of white light from behind the Justice Avengers.  They turn to it and shield their eyes. The undead appear to be physically hurt by the light.

LOIS (CAP): This could be the end of--

LOIS (CAP): Wait! There's... something happening... It looks like...

Panel 4: Larger panel. Captain Thunder (Shazam/Thor) has appeared from the light. Not a pre-established Amalgam character, so all new. His costume should be a mash-up of Shazam's and Thor's. Armour, like Thor, but coloured like Shazam. The thunderbolt should also be on his chest. His hair is long, like Thor's, but black, like Shazam. He has a long cape coloured like Shazam's. He holds his hammer aloft, lightning striking it.

LOIS (CAP): Yes! Captain Thunder has entered the fight!



  1. You went all out with an epic page here J.D! Well done. I would love to see this page.

    Also, you get HUGE props for Harvey Osborn. That is a combo I would love to see.

    1. Thanks! I had a million ideas for this one, and may post the others in the comments, but this was the largest-scale.

      Harvey Osborn, alas, is not my idea. He was a combination of Two-Face and Green Goblin. Two-Faced Goblin, I believe, although I would have gone with "Goblin-Face."

  2. This has a Kingdom Come type vibe to it. Nice combination of the two events to come up with something equally (if not more) epic than its parts.

  3. New Metro City is the perfect mix of New York and Metropolis. Bravo for that alone.

    I also like how this sounds more interesting than either Siege or Blackest Night. I agree with the Kingdom Come vibe, which is definitely a bonus.

    Finally, I really like this Captain Marvel / Thor mix you came up with here. An obvious choice in retrospect, it works especially well considering the set up you give in panel 1.

    1. Thor/Captain Marvel seems so obvious that it's a tragedy that the actual Amalgam event didn't go with it in favour of a one-note Captain Marvel/Captain Marvel joke.

    2. In their defense, I was also sorely tempted to hit that one-note joke in my script this week.

    3. Heh, I would not have blamed you.

      Also, I really, really like the name Captain Thunder (which Captain Marvel once went by). DC should have gone with that instead of the identity-confusing Shazam.

  4. Everything about this is why is I still love the big two. You have a set of events, characters, places and concepts that the readers know so well you can mix them up and create something on such a big scale and as epic as this in just one page.

    I love that you went so big with it and it feels bigger and has more impact than half the real events I have ever read.

    Truly awesome one pager mate.


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