Monday, January 7, 2013

Amalgam Comics - Deathpool - Ben Rosenthal

1.  The DC Earth and Marvel Earth colliding in space, showing that the two worlds are amalgamating.

CAPTION (Narrator)
To prevent two Brothers from tearing apart the very fabric of reality a new universe was created.

2. Superman and Captain America are in mid-amalgamation, becoming the Super-Soldier.

CAPTION (Narrator)
A universe combining the greatest heroes of each realm with each other—

3.  Dark Claw is sitting on a rooftop at night.

CAPTION (Narrator)
--creating new and exciting heroes and villains alike.  This would usher in a new era of peace and acceptance throughout all realities.

4. Deadpool and Deathstroke have been amalgamated.  The new character, Deathpool is dressed in Deathstroke’s costume, however the red half is Deadpool’s costume.  Both Deadpool and Deathstroke have voices due to Wade’s insanity, as shown by different coloured speech balloons.   

CAPTION (Narrator)
If it weren't for the combination of two-

So we’re pretty much the same character, right?


  1. Oh Deadpool!

    Nice intro to the character, but I feel that the majority of this is unnessecary exposition.

  2. I tend to side with JD on this one. You could have spent some more of the page on the character.

    However, the buildup does produce the 'laugh' in the last panel.

  3. I almost went for a Deadpool/Deathstroke script myself, and I have to agree - what you have here feels underwhelming, even if you do produce a good laugh out of it at the end.

  4. Echoing comments here: I really like the idea and how it plays out, but I wish you would have taken us there sooner. Even a full page splash of Deathpool simply looking incredulous and using the same dialogue would have been more effective in my opinion.

  5. Cool concept that was just begging to get told. Your final panel is good enough pay off for the build up.

    I personally felt the whole Deadpool split personality thing was just asking to be used here having Deadpool and Deathstroke talking about and forth with the reveal that they are just the same guy.


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