Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Amalgam Comics - Garish - Grant McLaughlin

1 - The interior of a warehouse.  Late at night.  Four supervillains sit glumly among the boxes ("super" might be a bit strong).  They look tired, both physically and mentally, with their costumes showing signs of wear and tear from some recent tussles.  On the left hand side of the panel, sitting on a box, we have Fiddler on the Roof (Fiddler / Stilt-Man).  He wears a bright green suit jacket with coat tails and his long legs form an arch up and then down to the ground.  Rainbow Spot (Rainbow Raider / The Spot) is towards the right hand side of the panel, leaning against a large pile of boxes.  Rainbow looks like the Spot, but more colourful (imagine he's wearing a Twister board).  On top of that pile of boxes is The Hooded Quilt (Crazy Quilt / The Hood).  She wears regular street clothes, but has a pretty tacky hood made out of a multicoloured quilt.  Finally, we have Killer Shock (Killer Moth / Shocker) standing in the middle of them all.  Think the worst mixture of the two's costume you can come up with and that's about right.  He's talking to the rest of the group, trying to reason things through.  Again, everybody looks pretty down, somewhere between sad and frustrated.

KILLER SHOCK (1): That's the fourth bank job this month that we've botched.

KILLER SHOCK (2): How do people keep spotting us?

2 - Repeat panel.  Fiddler on the Roof leans forward to look at Rainbow Spot and Hooded Quilt.  Killer Shock also looks in their direction.  Rainbow Spot and Hooded Quilt look at each other.


3 - Repeat panel.  Fiddler on the Roof looks at Killer Shock.  Rainbow Spot and Hooded Quilt look towards Fiddler on the Roof.  Killer Shock looks his way, too.


4 - Repeat panel.  Further disheartened, all four villains look down at themselves.  Maybe throw in some face palming or heads in hands.



  1. I dug this a lot. The character combinations and names you have here are pure gold, and I have a huge soft spot for the idea of slightly lame super villains.

    Your subtle use of comedic character acting in panels 2 and 3 is very well handled and goes nicely into your panel 4 pay off.

    You have a real way with this b and c lister characters you add something fresh to these odd ideas that I love.

  2. Genius example of but a tiny part of Amalgam's untapped greatness. It's a simple joke, but it works.

    Also, Fiddler on the Roof might be my new favourite amalgam.

  3. Nice look at the lower end of the spectrum villain's wise in the Amalgam universe.

    Nice use of silent panels too to get the comedy across.


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