Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amalgam Comics – NEXTsquad: Agents of B.O.L.T. – MK Stangeland Jr.

NEXTWAVE has a baby with Thunderbolts and Suicide Squad as Director AMANDA “GREENWALL” OSBORN (Amanda Waller/Norman Osborn) of the Black Ops Liberty Team deploys supposedly unstable misfits on what are supposed to be missions of certain death and then gets upset when they continue to succeed without anyone dying. Making up the team of misfits who are far more alive than they should be are:

CAPTAIN POWERBIRD/Luke McCabe (Luke Cage/Songbird/Vixen/Monica Rambeau): Inadvertent leader who didn’t know what he was signing up for, responsible for the near impossible task of keeping everyone in line and capable of generating sonic animal constructs around himself and accessing powers relevant to those animals by doing so.

X-SHOT/Floyd Stack (Deadshot/Aaron Stack): A trigger-happy killer cyborg with targeting systems more advanced than the most advanced targeting systems known to man and more weapons built into his body than you can shake a cattle prod at.

COUNTESS BLOODMOON/Karla Bloodmoon (Count Vertigo/Elsa Bloodstone/Karla Sofen): The manipulative, self-centered member of royalty from a minor European kingdom who possesses her nations prized Bloodmoon Gem, granting her mysterious mystical powers.

CAPTAIN SHARK (King Shark/The Captain): The super-strong, super hungry team muscle who’s temperamental, short-sighted, and kind of stupid.

Q-BOOM!/Dr. Tabitha Harleen Jenkins (Tabitha Smith/Harley Quinn/Abner Jenkins): An intelligent but easily distracted young woman who enjoys using her degree in engineering and her powered battle suit to make stuff blow up good.


PHANTOM/Mr. Gordon (Barbara Gordon/Ghost): Technically the guy giving the team their mission information, but serves as their ‘guardian angel’ by manipulating events to ensure they survive – but whether it’s out of the goodness of his heart or to serve his own secret agenda is yet to be seen.

(8 Panels)

Panel 1: CAPTAIN POWERBIRD, X-SHOT, CAPTAIN SHARK, and Q-BOOM! are standing around a radio communications device that’s sitting on a table. COUNTESS BLOODMOON is off nearby being COUNTESS BLOODMOON.

AMANDA OSBORN: (Through the communicator device) How do they all keep surviving?! What is the point of a suicide mission if nobody dies!?

AMANDA OSBORN (2): (Through the communicator device) Wait…is this thing on? PHANTOM! I thought I said…

Panel 2: Everyone reacts as CAPTAIN SHARK slams his face down on top of the communicator device in a way that would put it directly into his mouth. CAPTAIN POWERBIRD has a look of shock, X-SHOT drops his head into his hand in a ‘I’m surrounded by idiots sort of way’, while Q-BOOM! looks excited by the random act of destruction.

SFX: (Following the trail CAPTAIN SHARK’s head traveled to get to the communication device.) RAAAAAHHHHW!

SFX: (From CAPTAIN SHARK’s face impacting the table) WAM

CAPTAIN SHARK: eet et afh!

Panel 3: CAPTAIN SHARK is standing up again and trying to chew on the communication device as it hangs half-way out of his mouth. CAPTAIN POWERBIRD has his hands out in front of him as he shouts at CAPTAIN SHARK.

SFX: (From CAPTAIN SHARK chewing on the device) krnk krk krnk

CAPTAIN SHARK: ohm nom nom nom nom!


CAPTAIN POWERBIRD (2): We needed that!

CAPTAIN POWERBIRD (3): Osborn’s a jerk, yeah, but still!

Panel 4: Beat Panel. CAPTAIN SHARK stands with the device sticking halfway out of his mouth. His eyes are tilted to look at an angry CAPTAIN POWERBIRD.

Panel 5: CAPTAIN SHARK spits the device back out onto the table. CAPTAIN POWERBIRD reacts with a touch of disgust.

SFX: (From CAPTAIN SHARK spitting the device back out) Blegh!



Panel 6: Q-BOOM! takes a close look at the chewed on device. CAPTAIN POWERBIRD looks at her skeptically.

Q-BOOM!: It doesn’t look that bad. I should be able to fix it easy!

CAPTAIN POWERBIRD: Fix it fix it? Or make a bomb out of it fix it?

Panel 7: Beat Panel. Everyone looks at CAPTAIN POWERBIRD.

Panel 8: CAPTAIN POWERBIRD lowers his head into his hand in frustration.

CAPTAIN POWERBIRD: That was a stupid question, wasn’t it?




  1. Funny comedy one-pager that made me laugh. At first glance, it seems a little "busy" but I think it could be drawn out smoothly. Also, I normally don't like more than two characters amalgammated, but you make it work as part of the comedy.

  2. As always, you've nailed the off the wall wacky script. I also thought that your character amalgamations seemed a little overfull at first blush, but the payoff on this page is well worth it. Hilarious take on the Suicide Squad concept infused with NEXTWAVE humour.

  3. Wacky and wonderful, nice blend of the Suicide Squad set up with that oh so very Nextwave humour as Grant said.

    Not sure if this was intended but I loved how the team had two captains, for me at least it added to the idea of this kind of team always fighting over who is really in charge.

  4. Captain Shark. Make it happen someone.

    Good stuff.


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