Saturday, January 12, 2013

Amalgam Comics presents Speed Demon #2: "ReVerse" - Ray Wonsowsk¡


CAPTION (top of page):  "Gone, gone, the form of man - and rise, the demon, Etrigan!"  With these words, Merlin bound daredevil BLAZE ALLEN to a soul that travelled the velocity of the damned.  Now he races against heaven and hell as...The SPEED DEMON!"

Panel 1 - SPEED DEMON races across the tops of the Rocky Mountains, orange hellfire trailing behind him.  In the valley below, we see Salt Lake City, Utah in the distance.  An indistinct purple and blue figure streaks behind him by a quarter mile.

CAPTION:  And so the Speed Demon, he raced 'cross the mountains -
                     Away from the city of the Great Salt Lake -

Panel 2 - Zoom in tighter on SPEED DEMON as we see the indigo blur close the distance as they race across the snow and ice.

CAPTION:  For he knew of Eobard Worthington III -
                     And the deal he made - and the vengeance he'd take.

Panel 3 - Zoom in tighter as we now see SPEED DEMON hit from behind by a blue and purple fist in a Simonson-esque gauntlet coming from out of the violet blur.

CAPTION:  So gone be the man that the Lord God knows so well...

Panel 4 - the bottom 2/3 of the page:  Foreground, SPEED DEMON trying to push himself up from the snowy ground, dazed from the blow he received from behind.  Background, standing over him, holding a flaming sword is the Archangel of the Eagle Host, with wings of razors and knives, in blue and purple armor, his face serious behind a blue helmet connected to a blue chest plate reminiscent of the Pollux costume from the Flash TV series:

CAPTION:  And kneel before his Archangel... Zum-Zauriel!!!


  1. Excellent use of a pre-existing Amalgam character. Great build-up, and you continue to show a great handle on Etrigan.

  2. Wow, really clever use of Speed Demon, and your rhyme to introduce Zum-Zuariel was rock solid. On top of it all, the visuals on this page are just as good as the words. Very nice.

  3. You are the man when it comes to the Demon Etrigan, even in amalgamated form. Wonderful words and images just as strong to go with them.

  4. Great page that uses the Demon/rhyme process to great effect, building nicely to a great last panel.


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