Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Deadpool -The Other Guy -Dan Hill

NB: So I've used a version of the same character two weeks running...sorry.

But the use of him here was so obvious to me I found it hard to shift my focus from that.

Anyway, the following script uses the 'Pulp' version of the character. There are some minor spoilers as to the origins of that version of the character in the script (nothing too specific though).


DEADPOOL (in costume) his sword raised, peers cautiously around a wooden door. We're in a dark and dilapidated Quonset hut.

NB: The differentiation between the two Deadpool/Assailant voices will be done using colours ala the original book. 

1 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 1): I finally found this place. 

2 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 1): The place I was born. 

3 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 2): Woah there chief. The place we were born. 

4 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 1): Shut up. 

5 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 2): I’m hungry.


Pull out to reveal an ASSAILANT, his back to us, slashing through the wooden door in a downwards arc with his own SAMURAI SWORD. Deadpool dodges to the left slightly. 


7 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 1): He’s had training. 

8 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 2): I really like his sword.

Deadpool kicks out at his assailants stomach, sending the attacker hurtling backwards and off balance.

9 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 1): But he’s sloppy. 

10 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 2): Take his sword. 


On Deadpool, sword raised above his head slightly, ready to strike the killing blow.

12 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 2): Are you listening to me?

13 ASSAILANT(O.P): Wade...

14 CAP(DEADPOOL VOICE 2): This rat knows us?

15 WADE: Whatever you’re gonna say, make it quick.  

On the assailant, giving us our first good look at him. He’s in his early thirties, black hair with a roguish face. But his most striking feature is the sign of a crescent moon carved into his forehead. 

16 ASSAILANT: They didn’t stop...

17 CAP(ASSAILANT): Kill him.

Zoom into a CLOSE UP on the assailant. 

18 ASSAILANT: They didn’t stop with just you. 

19 CAP(ASSAILANT): Goddamnit, Spector. Stop talking and just kill him.


  1. I dug this. Voice 2 had great lines that made me smile, whilst the meat of the page still had a nice sense of build up and drama.

    Also your overall concept you have here I dig with that final panel being a great hook for it.

  2. I really loved the noir MoonKnight twist at the end. Fine job, sir.

  3. Nice take on both characters. Interesting parallels between them too.

  4. Great reveal and awesome banter between the two voices. The fixation on the sword made me laugh.

  5. Solid banter between Deadpool and himself. I also like the switcheroo to Nightmoon and his captions at the end.


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