Sunday, January 13, 2013

Deadpool – The Red Green Show – MK Stangeland Jr.

Deadpool – The Red Green Show – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Pool-o-vision. ‘Nuff Said)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Location – The Old West. Deadpool stands on one end of a dusty Main Street running through the middle of an old time frontier town, the kind you see in every western ever. Over his traditional costume, he’s wearing a deadpool-themed poncho, a massive sombrero, and has bushy, Mexican-style mustache on the outside of his mask. A tumbleweed rolls across the panel foreground.

SFX: (Music note on each end to indicate that this is ‘background music’ – it’s meant to give the feel of the theme from ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ is playing in the background of the scene) Wah-na-wah-na-waaah

DEADPOOL: Hola, el senorita ameiga. Nos es el meeto againo.

YELLOW BOX: Spanish? We don’t speak Spanish!

Panel 2: The other end of the dusty road – SHE-HULK, dressed up in cowgirl garb: blue jeans, shirt and vest, cowboy hat, boots, revolvers in holsters, the works. The tumbleweed from panel 1 has moved to this panel.

SFX: (With music notes, continuing the ‘background music’ from the previous panel) wah-Wah-wah

SHE-HULK: Nice touch.

YELLOW BOX: She can see this?

SHE-HULK: Of course I can.

Panel 3: Close-up on Deadpool. He’s grasping one end of his mustache between two fingers.

SFX (With music notes, continuing from previous panels) Wah-na-wah-na-waaah

DEADPOOL: Et aparece mey tu underestimetio!


YELLOW BOX (2): Hablo!

YELLOW BOX (3): Espn!

YELLOW BOX (4): Yol!

Panel 4: SHE-HULK stands with her arms crossed in front of her. She looks directly at the YELLOW BOX in-panel as she speaks to it directly.

SFX: (With music notes, continued from previous panel) wah-Wah-WAH

SHE-HULK: That doesn’t even sound like real Spanish.

YELLOW BOX: How would you know? Do you speak Spanish?

SHE-HULK: I know enough to tell fake Spanish when I hear it.

Panel 5: DEADPOOL points at SHE-HULK (off-panel) in a dramatic fashion.

SFX: (With music notes, continued from previous panel) Wah-na-wah-na-waaah

DEADPOOL: El stoppo le talko!

Panel 6: DEADPOOL draws a pair of revolvers and fires them – rather than bullets coming out, however, the revolvers are shooting pencils, with the eraser end pointed forward.

SFX: (With music notes, continuing from the previous panel but cut off at the end) WAH-Wah-wah-WrRrRRr!

DEADPOOL: Drenaje!




  1. This is a concept I did not expect to see but damn you made this totally work. The setting lets you play with the visual motifs of the genre for comedy effect that work so well for the character. Plus the use of the yellow narration boxes was a clever idea that adds a lot to an already cool page.

  2. Zany concept, well executed.

    Digging the visual shenanigans with this one too.

  3. Well done on using the two Marvel characters who are known to break the fourth wall. A really fun page here that I was not expecting based on the title. I don't know about the good ol' US of A, but in Canada, The Red Green Show aired for far too long and was a real stinker. You have written the opposite of that, for which I thank you.

    1. I know that PBS showed episodes of Red Green in the US for a time, at least. I actually liked the show when it was on and I was able to watch it.

    2. I was going to make the same observation about their breaking the 4th wall. Anyway, this was a really great script to kick things off with.

  4. Nailed the dialogue here. Solid script and a fun read - which is what a Deadpool comic should be.


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