Friday, January 18, 2013

Deadpool - Skrull Hunt - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Inside an evil Skrull lair. There is a conference table with several Skrulls seated around it. In the background, but incredibly obvious, is Deadpool peeking through the door.

DEADPOOL (WHITE CAP): Deadpool's secret agent log, September Tuesdayth, O-six-billion hours.

DEADPOOL (WHITE CAP): I have successfully infiltrated the Skrulls' base, located beneath that shawarma place on 59th Street.

DEADPOOL (YELLOW CAP): Good job, Agent Deadpool.


Panel 2: From outside the conference room. Deadpool looks very pleased with himself (through his mask) as he loads a handgun.

DEADPOOL (WHITE CAP): Although I cannot say where my orders came from--

DEADPOOL (YELLOW CAP): Me. They came from me. I was bored.

DEADPOOL: Shut up!

DEADPOOL: I must stop the Skrulls' evil plan to poison the world's supply of tasty kebab meat!

Panel 3: Same, but this time we now see things as they really are. The evil lair is just the basement of the shawarma joint. The "Skrulls" through the door are just the staff in their break room. Instead of a gun, Deadpool holds a wrap filled with shawarma. The staff are looking right at Deadpool and he is reacting with surprise.

STAFF MEMBER: Um, we can hear you. And we're not Skrulls.

Inset: Close-up of Deadpool. Very serious.

DEADPOOL: It's go time!

Panel 4: Deadpool running away down the corridor, his wrap dropped behind him. His speech balloon should trail after him.

DEADPOOL: Your prices are disproportionate to the quality of your product!

DEADPOOL (YELLOW CAP): Good job, Agent DP! Now report back to base for medals and cookies!

DEADPOOL (WHITE CAP): You probably shouldn't call me "DP."



  1. This was brilliant, as always!

  2. A near perfect Deadpool page. A funny and bold page with a great little twist and some brilliant dialogue.

  3. Deadpool's final line as he runs off is gold. Everything else is really good too, but it's all about that line in my opinion.


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