Monday, January 14, 2013

Deadpool - Slip and Slyde™ - Ben Rosenthal

1. Deadpool is teleporting into a city. On his wrist is a large device with a timer on it.

This slyding™ between realities is getting old.

CAPTION (Deadpool – Yellow)
The Bronie universe was pretty cool.

CAPTION (Deadpool – White)
I still don't know what a Bronie is, but I know the one thing it isn't is cool.

2. Deadpool is looking at the timer on his wrist to see how long he has to stay in this dimension. It reads 00:00:04:34.

How long am I here?
Hrm, a quick slyde™ this time.

3. Deadpool is looking at his surroundings, suddenly realising what is different about this reality.  He has seen something down the street and off panel which has him very excited.

Alrighty, let's see what this reality is all aboh my lord!

Heh, Perfect Strangers. I loved that show.

CAPTION (Yellow)
Not we didn't, don’t be ridicollos.

4. The streets of the city are clad with female models all in their lingerie. They are looking at Deadpool and are excited.

Look! A man!

They aren't all dead!

WOMAN 3 (looking worried)
We can still make out with each other though, right?

5. The girls are rushing towards Deadpool, joy on their faces. Deadpool has his arms outstretched. He cannot believe his luck.


6. Just as the girls start to reach him Deadpool is teleporting away, his time up and off to the next reality.



CAPTION (Yellow)


  1. I'm presuming either 1) Deadpool can't take off the device for some reason OR 2) He didn't want to take of the device so that he doesn't accidentally get left behind in a universe where he later regrets it.

    Either way, this sounds like it could be the basis for a story arc or more and a great upgrade to his normal teleportation trinket gimmick.

  2. Nice gimmick.

    I love the separation of the speech at the end there over the three captions. Good stuff.

  3. Haha. Love it. This page oozes Deadpooly goodness. You really locked into the classic zaniness of the Gail Simone / Fabian Nicieza era of the character, hitting all the right notes dead on.

  4. Deadpool on a trip through dimensions with only himself for company is a super cool concept and you wrote a great little one pager that shows how much fun you can have with it.

    I loved the mechanic you set up for the teleporter being on its own random timer, reminds me of the old sci fi show Sliders, which I loved as a kid.

  5. I can't tell you how many times things like this have happened to me...

    Great one-pager that sets up all the gags well and pays off better. great stuff


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