Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Electro – Age of Electro – MK Stangeland Jr.

(ELECTRO has used his powers to take control of an ULTRON unit, and is using it to try to take revenge on SPIDER-MAN, whose body is currently being occupied by DR. OCTOPUS. Or, as I prefer to refer to the combination, “SPOCK” – as in short for ‘Spider-Ock’)

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: ELECTRO is flying after ‘SPOCK’ in a bad part of town, trying to shoot him.

‘SPOCK’: Stop shooting at me!

ELECTRO: I’m thinking it’s a ‘no’ on that!

Panel 2: ‘SPOCK’ takes cover behind a wall.

ELECTRO: Just make this easy and let me kill you already! You can’t hurt me, and all I have to do is shoot you once!

‘SPOCK’: (Thought balloon) We’ll see about that.

Panel 3: ‘SPOCK’ leaps out from behind the wall. Both arms are out and shooting web blobs in the direction of ELECTRO (off-panel)

‘SPOCK’: You small-minded cretin.

SFX: thip thip thip thip

Panel 4: ELECTRO tries to block the web blobs as they fly at him.

SFX: wak wak wak wak

‘SPOCK’: This is the best you can come up with?

‘SPOCK’ (2): You hijack one of the most advanced robots in the world, if not the galaxy,

Panel 5: A web blob gets trough and hits ELECTRO in the face.

‘SPOCK’: (Off Panel) And the best idea you can come up with is “I’m going to go get revenge on Spider-Man!”?!



  1. This illustrates one of the reasons Electro has a hard time being taken seriously: He is notoriously narrow-minded, which you've definitely illustrated here. The nice thing about using Spider-Ock is that Peter Parker wouldn't have pointed that out, but Ock would. Especially when Ock would definitely have his own ideas for Ultron.

    Nice work this week, MK.

    1. Hard to say more when R.A has summed up my thoughts really well. Good page MK. :)

  2. This had a distinctly classic 'silver age' feel to it. I also liked the fact you used the latest iteration of Spidey to point out Electro's (many) flaws.

  3. I love the simpler villains who just wanna rob banks and this is a great example of their... well, simplicity.

  4. I'm echoing at this point, but this is a really clever way to show off Electro's character in one page. Spock's presence helps to make it all the more effective by further drawing attention to how shortsighted Electro is being.


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