Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Electro - Chekhov's Pun - Grant McLaughlin

No particular moment in continuity in mind (except pre-Superior Spider-Man, I guess).

Three rows of panels.  Row one is made up of panels 1 through 3, row two of panels 4 through 6, and row three of panels 7 and 8.

1 - Peter Parker is in his house / apartment (depending on what point in Pete's life you're going with).  Peter is bending over as he puts on his Spider-Man pants.  He looks down at a book that is face-up and open on his bed.

PETER PARKER (1): Alright, off the top of my head: shock... sparks... live wire... charged... power...

PETER PARKER (2): All classics, but maybe a little too easy.  What do I have in here?

2 - Pete walks through his apartment.  He's putting on his Spider-Man top, one arm through a sleeve and the other still holding that book.

PETER PARKER: "Pull the plug."  That would be a good one to end with.

3 - The top on, Pete awkwardly tries to put on a Spidey-boot one handed, the book still in his other hand.

PETER PARKER: "On a power trip."  That will definitely come up.

4 - Pete is using his teeth to put on a Spidey-glove (his other hand still obviously holding the book).  He looks at the page, and despite the glove in his mouth, smiles at what he sees.

PETER PARKER: "How do you stay current?"  Ooo, I bet he'll hate that one.

5 - Pete places a finger on the book's page and looks surprised and excited by what he's found.

PETER PARKER: I should be able to work these in.  Oh, what's this?

6 - Pete reads out a line, but look unsure as to its efficacy.

PETER PARKER (1): "...a flummoxed capacitor... not hard for you to hit 1.21 giga-whats."

PETER PARKER (2): Hmm.  Is that too much?  Maybe it's too much.

7 - Pete puts the book down on a side table.

PETER PARKER: Either way, I think I should have enough.

8 - This panel focuses on the side table that Peter just put the book down on.  The book is on top of a newspaper.  The book has "Pun Journal" handwritten on its cover.  The newspaper it rests on is a copy of the Daily Bugle.  There's a picture of Electro, along with a headline that reads "Electro at Large!" (and a sub-title that reads "Spider-Man Involved?").  In the background, Pete heads to leave via the window, pulling on his mask.

PETER PARKER: Worse comes to worst, I can always bust out some Breakin' 2 references.


  1. This was so much fun. I like the use of Electro as a catalyst as a fun way of getting into Peters head. Electro as a villain is perfect for Peters Puns.

  2. Great little "behind-the-scenes" look.

  3. I really liked the notion that Peter spends time to write his jokes in a journal. I remember reading bios of other stand-up comedians, and it just rings true, that process of which jokes work, which ones bomb, rehearsing the lines...Cool bit.

  4. The "and a sub-title that reads "Spider-Man Involved?"" was my favorite part about this one. :^) That's a great little additional detail your threw in there that adds a huge bonus.

  5. This was pun-tastic and I liked the approach you chose for this one. Nice angle.

  6. Thanks, gents. Glad you all got a charge out of it.


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