Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Electro - Green & Yellow -Dan Hill

I had a hard time with this one. It was hard to find an 'in' with this character. So I went with THAT costume and why on earth someone would choose to wear it.


Wide panel: we open on a shot of ELECTRO's COSTUME laid out on a wooden table.

1 ZELINSKY(OFF): I followed your requirements to the letter, Mr Dillon.

2 ZELINSKY(OFF): Even the colours.

Cut to LEO ZELINSKY, cleaning his glasses with a cloth. He wears a woolen jumper and khakis.

We're in a back room of Zelinsky's shop, boxes of material piled up in the corners, shelves of supplies etc. 

The centre of the room is dominated by the wooden table.
3 ZELINSKY: Which are, ah, most unorthodox.

4 ZELINSKY: Green and yellow?

Cut to MAX DILLON, out of costume. He stands over the table with his arms folded. He’s smiling to himself.

5 DILLON: It’s perfect. Your reputation is justified, Mr Zelinsky.

Back on Leo, his glasses back on. He smiles, relieved his client is happy.

6 ZELINSKY: It’s a bold design. Unique.

On Dillon. He has picked up the costume from the table, looking at it intently.

7 DILLON: That’s the point.

From Dillon’s POV looking down towards the costume.

8 DILLON: I want them to see me coming.


  1. Cool angle to come at the character from and one that nicely ties back into the Why post for the week.

    This page had me instantly thinking of all the scenes in Invincible where Mark is getting a new costume made. It's a fun look behind the curtains moment, and one I have never seen explored from a villain point of view.

    The page had a little bit of comedy to it and some nice tension which you balanced really well.

    Lastly that final line is subtle but has an undercurrent of menace to it which totally works for the character.

  2. I have to second Mr. Richens's thought: the last line is perfectly in character with Max. For someone who had trouble with this week's character, you've got a really nice piece here.

  3. Nice page, Dan. I love looking at the "behind the scenes" type stuff of superheroes and supervillains, and this is a great example of that that also speaks directly to Max's character. Bold, brash, and virtually without taste.

    Also, I'm thirding admiration for that final line. Brilliant twist on that ridiculous costume.


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