Thursday, January 24, 2013

Enemy Ace – Juliet and John – Shaun Richens.

9 panel grid.

1. INT. The bar from pages 2 and 3. We are back with John Strange, still sat at the bar. We have pulled back to reveal the shadowy figure stood behind him to be Hans Wagner Hammer (An amalgamation of Hans Von Hammer and Kurt Wagner/ Nightcrawler.)  HANS WAGNER HAMMER has short greying hair and his face is wrinkled but he still looks in great shape for a man of his age, he wears the black and white armour of the SHIELDWATCH agents and around his neck hangs a crucifix on a chain. HAMMER stands behind JOHN his hand still on his shoulder.

         I’ve been sent to bring you in John.

         Do I even have a…

2. Repeat of panel 1, however JOHN and HAMMER are now both gone, only a small cloud of dark blue smokes hands around the bar where they were.

         SFX(Around the smoke)

3. Cut to a shot of GRANT the barkeeper. He is just looking wide-eyed at the area JOHN and HAMMER had jut been.

         New York gets stranger everyday.

4. INT. Secret Underground Base of shieldwatch. The base is located beneath New York City.

JOHN and HAMMER have just appeared in a long sterile white corridor very similar to the one Juliet was being taken down.

         … choice.

5. Repeat of panel 4. JOHN is now looking at HAMMER rather annoyed.

         I’ll take that as a no then shall I.

Look Strange you’re a Shieldwatch consultant and I was sent to bring you in. I’m just doing my job.

6. Close up on JOHN.

         JOHN 1:
         Just doing your job, like you did in the war?
         JOHN 2:
Say how do the German government feel about their old war hero working for an American agency?

7. Cut to close up on HAMMER.

I know you have your issues with me Doctor Strange, you feel that because I fought against the British in a war before you were even born that I am somehow your enemy. But I’m not.

8. Cut back to close up on JOHN, he is starting to look angry now.

My only issue with you Hammer is that you used your mutant powers to survive in dogfights that honourable men had to die in.

9. Cut back to close on HAMMER, he is looking down towards the floor, he looks a little hurt by JOHN’s words.

This isn’t about our issues Strange.
This is about a girl from another world. 


  1. You are really getting a lot of mileage out of the Amalgam setting, aren't you?

    1. Haha is that a good or a bad thing?

      It makes sense for the project, lets me use any character in a setting that is built on some crazy cross over.

  2. Nice, but odd combination of Nightcrawler and Von Hammer.

    I like the notion of him being able to teleport out of trouble and that being the focus of him being disdained for breaching the code of honour.

    1. The combination is a little curve ball I'll give you. It only really came together when I realised they were both German, that joint national identity in combo with the way Nightcrawlers powers would play into how Von Hammer was seen as a war hero made for a neat character in my eyes.

  3. Another interesting piece of the puzzle. Great amalgam of the characters too. This is really starting to shape up.

  4. I love those first three panels - and not just because of that dashing barkeep! An excellent sight gag that also works as a solid demonstration of Hammer's powers. And then you use it to veer into a quick moment between him and John, which feels real. I also like how his change of topic acts to get him out of that uncomfortable situation and redirect the story back to Juliet. Nice writing, that.


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