Monday, January 21, 2013

Enemy Ace - Lessons Learnt - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A classroom in 1924.  The following diagram (  is on the black board, with all students facing forward except one. In the middle of class a young boy lazes back in his chair, looking out the window.

< Therefore, what does the following formula tell us? Hm? >*

*Translated from German.

2.  From the teacher’s point of view.  All the students are avoiding his gaze as they are not sure what the answer is.  All accept, again the young man who is looking out the window.

TEACHER (Off panel)
< No one?  Right.  Von Hammer, tell them. >

3.  The student who was looking out the window is now facing front, rattling off the answer.

< Sir, it shows that the period of oscillation is independent of both the amplitude and gravitational acceleration , Sir .>

4.  The teacher is looking at Von Hammer.  He is impressed.

< Correct, as usual Von Hammer.  I think we have a future physicist in our class, hm? >

< Not me Sir. > 

5.  Von Hammer’s Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker is in the air in the midst of battle.

CAPTION (Von Hammer)
< I'm going to be a pilot. >


  1. This is quite a charming character moment. That uplifting and bright last panel of a boy with a dream to be a pilot reminded me of films like the Goonies where the young characters are so full of youthful confidence that they can do anything.

  2. I like that you give Von Hammer that slightly disinterested air.

    It suggests a kind of savant genius or aloof aristocracy (or both!).

  3. A really cute moment of Von Hammer's youth that is kind of turned by the knowledge that he goes on to become the greatest killing machine of World War 1. The two combine to evoke some real conflicting emotions, which adds a lot to the page.


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