Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Enemy Ace -Ronin- Dan Hill


Close up. A shot of an empty whiskey glass as it sits on a wooden bar.

Off: Refill, bitte.

Close up. A bottle has appeared at the top of the panel, pouring whiskey into the glass.

Off: Danke.

Wide panel. Zoom out to reveal Hans Von Hammer sitting at a wooden bar facing us, the whiskey glass in front of him. He’s wearing a dark turtleneck and dark green trousers.Von Hammer is in his mid fifties, the aristocratic looks are now joined by greying hair and lines. He looks like the loneliest man alive.

The bar is dingy, smoke fills the air. A few veterans can be seen drinking in the background, a set of crutches resting against their table.

Caption: SCAP Occupied Tokyo, 1950.

Push in on Von Hammer. He’s about to take a swig, the whiskey glass inches from his mouth.

Off: They say a Samurai is supposed to commit suicide on the loss of his master.

Off: Looks like you’re doing a pretty good job of that.

Zoom out to reveal the source of the voice, Lieutenant General Claire Lee Chennault, standing behind Von Hammer. He’s wearing civilian clothes, a pair of chinos and a simple cotton shirt.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claire_Lee_Chennault

Chennault: Last place on Earth I’d expect to find you.

Von Hammer: That was the point. What do you want, Chennault?

Chennault takes a stool next to Von Hammer, sitting to his right (our left as we’re still facing them from across the bar).

Chennault: Ah, so you know who I am. I’ll cut to the chase then. I’m here with a job opportunity.

Von Hammer: I’m fifty four years old.

Chennault: It’s a brave new world, Mr Von Hammer. Allies are enemies. Enemies are allies.

Close up on Von Hammer. He’s listening.

Off: So, how’d you like to come and fight the good fight?


  1. When the pick was a WW1 character I knew you would deliver as you have a gift for war stories.

    I was not wrong. This page hits so many classic beats of the old war hero with no wars left to fight, but then you pull him back in with Chennault and that great cliffhanger proposal to end the page on.

  2. You really have a great knack forwar stories. Your love for military history comes through. I wonder what you would do with Sgt. Rock, or the Haunted Tank, or the 'Nam...Most excellent dialogue between two old war dogs.

  3. Your aptitude for war comics continues to amaze, Dan. You know the genre and the history like the back of your hand, and it shows in every page you've done. This is a fascinating path for the character, and I'd love to follow it playing out.


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