Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Halo – Halo Legends: The Great Grunt Rebellion – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: Interior of a Covenant Warship. The scene is one of having just previously been hit by weapons fire. A Sangheili Shipmaster (Elite Ship Captain) – KAHS ‘YAMAKEE – is holding onto a control panel for balance as he ‘stands’ on his knees, having just been previously knocked off his feet from the explosion that rocked his ship.

KAHS: <What just happened?!>*

TEXT BOX: *(Translated to English)

Panel 2: A Sangheili Ultra – NOST ‘KAHMEE – picks himself up nearby and gives KAHS a reply.

NOST: <It’s the Unanimous Verdict, Sir! They’ve fired on us!>

KAHS: <What heresy do you speak of?!>

Panel 3: Upper body of NOST as he attempts to report, only to be shot in the back before he can finish.

NOST: <It’s…It’s the Unggoy, Sir! They are report->

SFX: (From impact of weapons fire hitting NOST’s back) ptCHHH!


Panel 4: An array of UNGGOY (Grunts) are rushing through the main entrance to the room, firing an assortment of weapons at anyone they see, killing a surprising number of Sangheili before they can respond.

LEAD UNGGOY (1): <For Balaho!>

LEAD UNGGOY (2): <For the Unggoy!>


SFX: ZzU! ZzU! ZzU! ZzU! ZzU!

Panel 5: KAHS activates a light sword and prepares to charge at the Unggoy with it. He has a look of angry determination on his face.

KAHS: <Not on my ship.>

SFX: (From activation of Light Sword) Ka-cSHHH!


(I’ve had a soft spot for the grunts since Halo 1, so needless to say I was highly amused by a reference to “The Great Grunt Rebellion” in Halo 2. Since no one else has ever written much about it except the basic details, I decided that I would try to do so myself.)


  1. I'd completely forgotten about this event in the Halo lore. Nice job depicting it. The imagery of the Grunt's rising up is a great one and I think you nailed the SFX for the sword at the end there too.

  2. This was nice slice of small scale action that forms part of much bigger story and the imagery of that last panel is just great.

    I would read the heck out of a mini series of this kind. Nice job.

  3. I've also had a soft spot for those poor little Grunts since Halo: CE, so I'm glad to see them get some love in your script, MK. Like Shaun, I'd love it if we could get a mini-series on this kind of thing. As your script rightly points out, those Grunts are just screaming for more attention.


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