Friday, January 4, 2013

Halo - Maybe This Time - Niel Jacoby

Panel 1: POV of Master Chief, holding whatever the Halo pistol thing is called.

Speech Bubble(OP): Alright, you had it easy, but this time-

Panel 2: Zoomed out, Master Chief is prone, being teabagged by a purple Master Chief.

Speech Bubble(OP): Fuck.

Panel 3: I'm walking away from a TV with 3 other people around it with controllers, handing over my controller to another person who's moving into the seat I vacated. It's at a party, so there are other people doing things in the background.

Me: I'll see if there are any spots open at Rock Band.

I decided to work from experience for this one, that experience being every time I've tried playing a Halo.


  1. I think this may be more meta than JD's script. But I know that feeling of never being able to catch a break in those games.

  2. Looks like we both belong to the rare sub-group of comic book nerds who suck at video games. I feels ya.

    1. Not all video games, just the FPS kind where you can't rely on a VATS system.

  3. A three beat page where each beat is just right. You don't over do it and let the images and the select dialogue tell a fun and honest one and done. Good stuff.

  4. Amazing. Similar to JD's in concpet, your execution makes it feel very different. I really enjoy the slow movement outwards from the world of Halo to our own.

    See also: that teabagging panel is the most funny. And apt.

  5. Oh teabagging, the bane of my teenage existence.

    In video games, guys. Obviously.

    Nice meta script and unfortunately very relatable.


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