Friday, January 4, 2013

Halo - The Rookie - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: A team of Spartans exploring a derelict space vessel. There are four of them, weapons pointed in front of them, cautiously exploring. The rookie of the team, Bob-101, brings up the rear and his body language is more relaxed, not so professional as the others. The team leader, Owen-495, is in front.

BOB-101: When do we get to shoot stuff?

OWEN-495: Be quiet!

Panel 2: Owen-495 comes to a doorway and peers around it. Bob-101 can be seen a bit down the corridor behind him, peering up towards him/us. One of the other Spartans, Zack-200, is chastising Bob-101.

BOB-101: Is there something I need to press to reload, or--?

ZACK-200: You're supposed to be watching our six!

Panel 3: Two-shot of Bob-101 and Zack-200. Bob shrugs innocently, Zack is frustrated and looking forward, not at Bob.

BOB-101: Hey, I'm just asking.

ZACK-200: grumblegrumble Freakin' noobs...

Panel 4: Owen-495 and the other team member, Franklin-387, blasting their weapons through the doorway.

FRANKLIN-387: We're under attack!

OWEN-495: Fall back!


Panel 5: The three experienced Spartans backing down the corridor, blasting at the off-panel enemy. Bob-101 remains nonchalant.

BOB-101: You know what, guys, I think I'm gonna quit, this seems too much for--


Panel 6: Same, but Bob's head has been blown off by enemy fire. The other Spartans look round at him in surprise.



Bob-101 is basically me whenever I try and play video games.


  1. Haha, very cute, JD. The dialogue from the first panel gave me the impression this might be the angle you were taking, and I'm really glad you did. This was a really fun mixture of in-universe canon and meta-textual video game playing. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Grant really summed this up for me. The page works as both in canon and its own commentary on video game playing. I really enjoyed the back and forth between Bob 101 and the rest of the team. Very fun page.

  3. This was more subtly meta than the above script, which worked just as well. I dug the last panel and the script had a kind of 2000AD vibe-- dark humour juxtaposed with extreme, glorious violence.


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