Saturday, January 5, 2013

Halo - Yojimbo - R.A.Wonsowski

Splash Page - 

Worm's eye view from behind Master Chief.  The "top" of the Halo above him is a raging inferno.  To the left and the right of the inferno are explosions of diminishing size as they spread along the ring toward our hero - the new ones being the smallest and closest.  Master Chief drops the detonator he was holding as he watches and prepares to go up with the rest of the Halo.

Master Chief [caption]:  McNamara's Second Law - "Rationality will not save us."

Master Chief [caption]:  McNamara's Third Law - "There are things beyond oneself."

Master Chief [caption]:  McNamara's Fourth Law - "Maximize efficiency."

Master Chief [caption]:  McNamara's Ninth Law - "To do may be necessary to do evil."

Master Chief [caption]:  [bottom of page] Fair enough.


  1. Excellent visual accompanied by some suitably great captions.

    Loved the notion of the explosions going on in the distance AND above Master Chief.

  2. I like the visuals, but the captions just don't work for me. It's entirely possible that that's due to me not being familiar with these laws (before a quick google, that is), but it also feels a little off from the tone that we usually get in Halo stories.

    1. Fair enough. This was my first exposure to Halo, and I read Ringworld so long ago. The documentary Fog of War was on, though, so...

      ...and followed by Gran Torino. I don't know what I was channeling...

      Anyways, yeah, I know nothing about Halo. But it IS a cool concept, ain't it?

  3. Grant makes a fair case for it feeling off tone from the standard Halo universe. But it is one heck of a great splash page and concept and totally works as its own thing. The imagery is strong and the captions work really nicely with it. I can't help but dig it.


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