Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why Electro?

C'mere...I'll tell you why...

I always had a soft spot for this goofball.  I remember watching the old Spider-Man cartoons, and there goes this cackling figure skiing on power lines, and thinking that was pretty boss.

But then you get a little older, and you think:  Wow, what a crappy costume.  Jeez, that mask is ridiculous.  Most of Spidey's other villians, they were mostly scientists or richer than Croesus.  Max Dillon worked for ConEd.  He was blue collar.  His crimes were mostly robberies, no great schemes of revenge or murder.  Of all the Sinister Six, he was the one that had no real place there.

Even his rep screamed loser.  He was defeated by Daredevil, Yellowjacket, the Falcon, and Power Pack.  His weakness is water, and he falls for it harder than Mxyzptlk says his name backwards.

But then I remember...he once was approached by Magneto to be an ally.  The Sinister Six keep inviting him back.  He is a walking dynamo of incredible power.  Heck, the Skrulls hired him to instigate a prison riot and breakout.  Remember Nate Grey, X-Man?  No?  That's because Electro short circuited his brain.

File:Electro Scars.jpg
And then came "The Gauntlet".

When his powers started going out of control, he became scarred by them.  Despite his electrical power, he had no personal power.  Finally realizing this, he became a spokesman for the 99% in the wake of the financial crisis and crippled the New York Stock exchange.  This actually goes back to his original background, when he was stealing from Tony Stark to boost his own power.

He is also strangely loyal to a small circle.  Adrian Toomes, the Vulture, is his best friend.  When he has a girlfriend (yes, it's been shown a few times) he is attentive and charming (though, a little crass).  He's loyal to Doctor Octopus because he always has a helpful science tip on how to use his powers more creatively.

So, the soft spot has returned.  I still think the goofball is pretty cool.  So does the Spidey-Movie people; they just signed Jamie "Django Unchained" Foxx to play him in the sequel to "The Amazing Spider-Man".

So, let's see what you, and the goofball, have got.  Thrill me.  Surprise me.

Shock me.


  1. I had my doubts about posting this one because, as with the previous character Enemy Ace, I had no prior knowledge about Electro. I might have seen him in a Spider-man animated series, but that is distant memory. But then, I figured, I'm here to learn, here write, right?
    So here.
    I hope it works.

    Electro: Potentials
    by Arby Moay


    We are on some alley, where Electro was just caught at a dead end. His assailant, a random hero, had just pummeled him into a concussion.

    Panel 1
    Electro is knocked out. He is lying down with his head and shoulders leaned back against a wall and his left arm limply resting on an overstuffed garbage bag.

    Panel 2
    Same view except Electro is now smiling and looking up at his assailant who we only see the left leg of and is darkened so much so that there is no discernible color.

    ASSAILANT (offshot): Give up, Electro.

    ELECTRO: Why? Am I wearing you out?

    Panel 3
    Close-up on electro smiling, some electric patterns lining his costume. He is now standing up.

    ELECTRO: We've only just started.

    Panel 4
    Electro is elevated up, his body bursting with electricity, damaging everything in the vicinity. His enemy is blown out.

    Panel 5
    POV is far (bird's eye view?). Electro, discernible with his green and yellow costume, is standing in the eye of the electric storm. Everything else around him is blighted and on fire. The walls around him in the alley are blown appart. His assailant is lying down cold a few feet away.

    ELECTRO: Damn.
    (link) I should do that more often.

    1. Yes...Electro has a way of pulling stunts like this...Also, the title is very fitting...I also like that you nailed his smug hubris (I sense another beat down coming). Cool stuff, Arby.

      Oh, and welcome back. Keep submitting!

    2. Writing outside of your comfort zone is what this site is really good for, it helps you learn and improve your script writing craft, and I think your page this week proves that.

      This is a cool concept that works perfectly for the one page format and I totally love your final piece of dialogue from Electro.

      Looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    3. As RA stated you definitely have Dillon's hubris down pat. Nice work.

    4. Excellent grand-scale display from a relatively minor character. Good job!

    5. Nice little moment that says a lot about the character while mixing in some nice visuals. Thumbs up.

    6. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.


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