Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why Enemy Ace?

Because it's interesting to see war from the other side.

Hans Von Hammer, the Hammer Of Hell, was created by Robert Kahnigher and Joe Kubert in the pages of Our Army At War #151. A German air ace in WWI, Hans is the most deadly pilot in Germany, and possibly in all of WWI. Each adventure, he earns at least one kill, and with it another trophy. But, as we see time and time again, he finds no joy in celebrating these victories, only in hunting in the forest with a wolf, who unfailingly greets him with a tense staredown that only ends in the acceptance that they cannot kill one another, as each sees the other as his only true companion and brother in the hunt.

Also, air combat is hella rad.


  1. Enemy Ace: The Good Fight
    by Arby Moay

    Another World War is starting and Germany, again, is at the heart of it all. The flying aces of Nazi Germany has just been called in for service.

    Panel 1
    We see Hans von Hammer infront of a shelf filled with an assortment of statues, toys, and some other scraps of things -- each one different from the other. On the top shelf in particular, three things are in focus -- a toy soldier, a plastic tank, and a wooden biplane. Hans is trying to reach for the toy soldier.

    CAPTION (upper-left): Sometimes I wonder...
    CAPTION (lower-right): ..if, in a different time, in a different place...

    Panel 2
    Same setting and POV as Pannel 1 but now Hans' hands is midway down, clutching the plastic tank.

    CAPTION (upper-left): we could have known each other...
    CAPTION (lower-right): we could even have been friends...

    Panel 3
    Same setting and POV as previous pannels but now Hans is looking down on the wooden biplane that he held low.

    CAPTION (upper-left): we could have fought together, in the air...
    CAPTION (lower-right): ...and not each other...

    Panel 4
    Close-up to Hans' solemn, aristocratic face -- now lined with age. Also, to the left and right of his face are semi-translucent images of his haunted past -- of him in his Fokker Dr.I gunning down enemy planes.

    CAPTION (upper-left): Sometimes I wonder...
    CAPTION (lower-right): ..if I'm still fighting the good fight...

    Panel 5
    Now outside of the house and in a runway. A bright colored red plane is in focus -- a Messerschmitt Bf 109F plane to be exact. A boy is walking towards the plane carrying a paint brush and a bucket of black paint. The cardboard pattern for a Nazi Swastika symbol is already on the tail of the plane, ready to be painted. Hans von Hammer, now in his pilot uniform with the helmet on his left arm, has his back towards us and is raising his right hand.

    Hans von Hammer: Stop! Don't.
    CAPTION (lower-right): ...or if I'm fighting just because I was ordered to...

    1. The slow pace of your opening panels is used to great effect along with your captions to really make the reader think about this character and to give them a deeper look at the inner workings of his mind.

    2. Thanks! To tell the truth, I had no idea who Enemy Ace was...except for the stuff I read through wikipedia. I'm glad that it worked out fine. c:

    3. This is a solid page that gives some good insight into Von Hammer's head.

      Thematically and content wise this would slot quite nicely into the series Garth Ennis did.

    4. Agreed with Dan. This fights in quite well with Garth Ennis' run with the character. Nice introspective piece that does a great job of showing off Von Hammer's character.

    5. Excellent pacing, great dialogue (or monologue, more accurately), and very powerful page overall.


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