Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hellboy – The Fighting Agents of the T.C.P.S.O. – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Consider the premise here to be part of a Hellboy/Atomic Robo crossover that operates along the same lines as some of the Marvel/DC crossovers that pretended both participants were part of the same universe all along. In it, Hellboy is part of what’s this universes version of both Tesladyne Industries and the BDRP – the Tesladyne Corporation for Paranormal and Scientific Operations.)

(8 Panels)

Panel 1: Briefing room. Already present are ATOMIC ROBO, JENKINS, ABE SAPIEN, LIZ SHERMAN, ARGUELLES, HOSKINS, and SCHAEFER (see the final issue of ATOMIC ROBO and OTHER STRANGENESS for reference on the last three).

Hellboy enters the briefing room. His horns are unshaved, but each of them is being used to hold an extraordinarily large stack of pancakes. The belt he’s wearing has spots to hold both butter and syrup so that he can carry them around and grab them as needed.

ATOMIC ROBO (1): And now that big red it here, we should be…

ATOMIC ROBO (2): …what did you do to your horns?

Panel 2: HELLBOY grabs a pancake off of one of his horns. His other hand is going for the butter he has on his belt.

HELLBOY (1): It’s breakfast. I haven’t eaten yet.

HELLBOY (2): You think I’m going to let good pancakes go to waste?

Panel 3: ATOMIC ROBO puts his hands up in a ‘I’m not even going to bother’ way.

ATOMIC ROBO: Arguelles, could you just start the briefing, please?

Panel 4: Image of a man up on a screen. Aside from looking out of it, he looks perfectly normal, taking a normal, everyday stroll.

ARGUELLES: Here we have a Mr. Jack Phillip. He looks like a perfectly ordinary man.

ARGUELLES: And you’d be right, except that two days ago he was in a coma, then suddenly he got up and left.

ARGUELLES: It’s the third reported case of its type in less than a week.

Panel 5: Similar image of the same man, but with what looks like a filter applied, showing the man being ‘possessed’ by UNDEAD EDISON.

ARGUELLES: When we view him through the right lens, we see the reason why.

Panel 6: Close up on ROBO’s head as he glares.


Panel 7: HELLBOY, who his putting the remains of a pancake into his mouth.

HELLBOY: Looks the ghost is finally making a move.

ATOMIC ROBO: He’s not a ghost. There is a perfectly logical scientific explanation for whatever it is he is.

Panel 8: Panel of LIZ SHERMAN, who’s toying with a bit of fire as she makes a snarky aside comment.

LIZ SHERMAN: Said the nuclear robot in the same room as the fish mutant and the demon who was literally summoned from the depths of Hell.



  1. I read this a few times and liked it more and more each time. This is a great Atomic Robo script AND a damn cool Hellboy one as well. You write the comedy of Robo well and the juxtaposition of him vs Hellboy is kinda perfect. I'd read the heck out of a book like this.

    Oh also Liz's last line is bloody brilliant.

  2. Another great (and logical) Hellboy team up. Love it.

    Liz's last line is fantastic too. I'm imagining the interplay between Robo and Hellboy-- too perfect.


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