Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hellboy – Juliet & John. – Shaun Richens.


1. DR PARKER stands face aghast. GHOST PETER stands to his side a shocked look on his face.

At their feet is the smashed petri dish the green spore bubbling and growing vast in front of them, dark red veins now running through it.

DR PARKER: Dead or not Peter my boy I would suggest we both make haste.

2. Cut to a ruined temple, it has a mixture of Mayan and Egyptian architecture. HELLBOY sits atop the vast mass of a twisted cthullu like demon from the dark ages.

A great gleaming two-handed sword sticks out of the demons back next to HELLBOY, black blood runs from the wound.

HELLBOY wipes sweat from his forehead as he takes a drag from his cigar. 


3. Pull in tighter on HELLBOY. A ring of smoke floats up from his cigar.

The stumps of his filed down horns have started to re-grow at an alarming rate.


4. Even tighter on HELLBOY. The horns are almost back to their full huge length.

Hellboy is stubbing his cigar out on the demons back with one hand, his other reaches up to touch is horns.


5. Close up HELLBOY, from the torso up. His hand touches his horn and he hangs his head down, his eyes closed.

HELLBOY: Something wickedly hellish has just been born.

6. HELLBOY stands on the back of the demon, both his hands now around the hilt of the two handed sword.

HELLBOY: Looks like I’ve got another job for you.

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  1. I felt a bit of a disconnect with this one I'm afraid. The scene cutting in the second panel as well as how the action connects to the Parker stuff/overarching plot left me scratching my head.

    Of course you could change all of this next week with a new page. I guess sometimes the nature of the challenge you've taken on will sometimes mean pages are like this. It's not something I envy. Kudos again to you for taking it on.


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