Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hellboy - Working Up An Appetite - Grant McLaughlin

The American Midwest.  No particular point in continuity in mind.  Perhaps closer to the beginning of Hellboy's career.

Four rows of panels here.  Row one is long and thin, taking up the width of the page but not much height.  The three other rows each take up a remaining third of the page.  Row two is made up of panels 2 through 4, row three is comprised of panel 5, and panels 6 through 8 round out row four.

1 - Overhead shot from far away.  A giant snake-like monster lies dead at the edge of a small town.  The monster takes up the majority of the panel.  Hellboy, a small red figure at this distance, walks away from the creature.


2 - Move down to ground level.  Hellboy walks away from the dead monster.  He looks pretty beat up - his coat is ripped and he is rather the worse for wear.


3 - Hellboy stops and looks at a diner that is on the side of the road.  The diner also looks the worse for wear.


4 - Close-up of a sign that reads "Please Seat Yourself".  Takes up the entire panel.


5 - Inside the restaurant.  Hellboy has walked past the sign towards the tables, grabbing a menu as he goes.  The people within the restaurant are still recovering from what has just transpired.  Some stare out the windows.  Some stare at Hellboy.  The important thing here is that no one is really thinking about restaurants or food.


6 - Hellboy sits at a table, looking at his menu.


7 - Hellboy has put down the menu and looks expectantly for a server.


8 - Repeat panel.

HELLBOY: I hope they're still serving pancakes.


  1. I don't know much about Hellboy, but I loved this. The pacing is excellent, transitioning from paranormal chaos to ordinary routine, for Hellboy at least, heh. Also, I like pancakes.

  2. Supernatural hyper reality to the every day rigamraole of ordering food. Nicely paced page too.

  3. Loved this! Brilliant pace, wonderful panel choices and Hellboys last line is perfect. I like the fact that this could work as the opening or closing of a book. Great work Grant.

  4. He has eaten the pancake...

    All is lost...

    Seriously, page.


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