Friday, February 8, 2013

Nightcrawler - The Greatest Show on Earth - J.D. Coughlan

Five long horizontal panels.

Panel 1: The entrance to a circus tent. A poster advertises "The Incredible Nightcrawler!" and has a picture of Kurt in a flamboyant costume, surrounded by those little clouds he leaves behind when he teleports, implying he's 'porting all over the place. Several customers pile into the tent. Their speech balloons should overlap and consist of the following:

BALLOON 1: Yeah, yeah, just another weirdo in costume...

BALLOON 2: --effects! It's all special effects. Wires and s--

BALLOON 3: I wanna see clowns, Mommy, this looks bor--

BALLOON 4: --waste of money. I live in New York, I see stranger stuff--

BALLOON 5: --only here ironically. Y'know, to laugh at it.

Panel 2: Same, but the crowd is disappearing into the tent, only a few of them visible. Off to the side, there is a shadowy figure (who can also be in Panel 1, but less distinct).

BALLOON 6: (small) ...probably not even stay for the whole thing.

Panel 3: Same, but now the crowd has totally vanished. The shadowy figure looks up, and we see it is Kurt, grinning.

KURT: Showtime!

Panel 4: Same, but now Kurt has teleported away and left a little cloud behind him.


Panel 5: Same, but now the crowd is slowly emerging from the tent. It is the same customers from above, but now totally wide-eyed and speechless.

CAPTION: Several hours later...



  1. HAH! This was a great tribute to his early circus days, which we never get to see enough of. Great fun...

  2. Love those opening dialogue chunks, they are funny and snappy and all different but building on this theme on disinterest in Kurt's act.

    The use of the five panels makes the page build nicely to that final beat of Kurt having wowed his audience.

  3. Kurt as showman in five panels. Good stuff.

  4. Simple idea, but I think you pulled it off exceedingly well.


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