Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nightcrawler -Leader Of The Pack -Dan Hill

So, I kind of jammed together Starjammers, Thunderbolts and The Exiles. This is what came out the other side.


We OPEN on a SKRULL PILOT going about his business at the controls of a starship. He presses a few buttons on the control console in front of him.

1 PILOT: Roger, we are on course for arrival in--


Push in on the pilot as he turns, sniffing the air. What IS that?

3 RADIO: Empire’s Hope, are you there? Your ETA?

4 PILOT: What is that smell?

CUT to a POV shot of NIGHTCRAWLER standing before the pilot, arms folded, a wide grin across his face. He wears a kind of lo-fi body armour (think the Marines in Aliens) that's coloured and made up to look like his original costume from Uncanny. He also has a leather holster on his hip with a LASER PISTOL inside it.

A small dark cloud settles behind him, indicating he’s teleported aboard from a nearby vessel.

5 NIGHTCRAWLER: Guten tag, mein freund. This is your lucky day.

6 NIGHTCRAWLER: You are carrying Kree slaves in your hold and I am willing to relieve you of this ungodly burden.  

Back on the pilot, defiant and grinning.

7 PILOT: Fool. This ship’s crew were hand picked by-

Back on Nightcrawler, he holds his hand out in a ‘see for yourself’ gesture.

8 NIGHTCRAWLER: Ah, enschuldigung. Where are my manners. Introductions first, ja?

9 NIGHTCRAWLER: My name is Kurt Wagner. This is my flock.

Wide panel.  In the foreground of the shot is the Skrull pilot sitting at the controls still, his back to us. In front of him, in the background of the panel, standing in front of the ship’s viewscreen are NEBULA, PHILIP JAVERT (alternate universe version of THE SWORDSMAN), CALLISTO (from the AOA universe) and WILSON FISKE (Kingpin from the 1601 universe). 

They are all dressed in similar kind of body armour, a strange hybrid of lo-fi protection and swashbuckling derring do.
Fiske is holding a comatose SKRULL WARRIOR by the scruff of his neck, with another one slung over his shoulder casually.

Little dark clouds settle behind all of them, indicating Nightcrawler has teleported them in.

10 CAP(NIGHTCRAWLER): “I believe they’ve already met yours.”


  1. I read this as a preview when you first uploaded it and was blown away.

    This is the most fun and zany idea I've seen you run with Dan and damn if you don't pull this off with so much style. I would read the heck out of this as a monthly.

    The set up reminds me of loads of awesome saturday morning cartoons I used to love which doesn't hurt either.

  2. This is quite the page you've produced this week, Dan. Throwing all manner of big ideas in here, but I think it works well. A good introduction to the idea and a fun little back and forth between Nightcrawler and the Skrull.

  3. Really nails that swashbuckling nature of Kurt's. Kurt's "introductions" at the end of the page are awesome.

    And thanks for including Nebula...Piracy ahoy!


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