Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nightcrawler - Night Games - Grant McLaughlin

Despite being a big Nightcrawler fan, I had the hardest time finding a point of entry to the character.  I don't know if I actually figured one out, but this is what I ended up with.

1 - Establishing shot of the Superdome.  It's Super Bowl Sunday and the game is in full swing.

CAPTION (NIGHTCRAWLER): As much as I enjoy seeing Beyoncé swing her hips, are we certain that the Brotherhood is actually planning on causing trouble this evening?

2 - Shot of Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Colossus sitting in the stands amongst other fans.  Wolverine has a beer and some nachos, Colossus also has a beer and is reaching to have some of Wolverine's nachos, and Nightcrawler appears a little bored.

WOLVERINE: That's what our intel said, but I'm with ya.  The only trouble I see right now is San Fran's bumbling down on the field.

3-5 - Shot of the field as the Ravens and 49ers are setting up for play.  The image is divided into three panels.  Panel 3 has all the power on, panel 4 has some of the lights going down, and panel 5 has the power off (and for comic book sake, we'll go with it being darker than it was in real life).


6 - Wolverine, Colossus, and Nightcrawler sit in the same spot as panel 2, but it is now way darker.  Colossus has paused just before taking a bite of the nacho that he grabbed from Wolverine.  The three men look concerned.

NIGHTCRAWLER: It appears we may have spoken too soon.

7 - Wolverine and Colossus are standing up, moving towards the stairs.  Nightcrawler is already teleporting away to see what the problem is.

WOLVERINE: Let's move.

NIGHTCRAWLER: I'll see you down there.



  1. I love how timely this script is. I can easily imagine this being an actual in-universe reason for the blackout.

  2. The top 5 things I like about this page Grant.

    5 The real life set up of the super bowl power cut.
    4 Nightcrawlers opening line is awesome.
    3 Nightcralwer being a hips kinda guy.
    2 The fact the Brotherhood want to hit the superbowl is a great concept.
    1 That last piece of dialogue between Wolverine and Nightcralwer feels bang on.

    Great damn script buddy.

  3. This is a solid script and I love Nightcrawler's last line on the page.


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