Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Superior Spider-Man -I am the resurrection -Dan Hill


We OPEN on SPIDER-MAN in an alleyway, his costume in tatters, part of his face exposed (though not enough to give away his identity) as he scuttles backwards on his hands. He’s scared of whoever’s approaching.

Rain pelts down from the overcast sky like slivers of glass.

1 VOICE(OFF) You do not fight like him.

2 VOICE(OFF) And you reek of death and disease.

Still at floor level where Spider-Man can scuttle backwards no more, his back against the wall. Sure, he could climb out of here. But he’s beaten, exhausted and has nothing left in the tank. Spidey is in the background of the panel. In the foreground of the panel is a BROWN LEATHER BOOT belonging to whichever assailant has bested Spidey.

2 VOICE Octopus Vulgaris. No shell. No skeleton.

3 VOICE For protection they must hide in the smallest crevices.

ZOOM IN on Spider-Man as he wipes away the blood pooling above his eye.

4 VOICE(OFF) Making it all but impossible for predators to hunt them.

Extreme close up on Spider-Man, his visible eye wide with shock.

5 VOICE(OFF) You aren’t the first to play at being the spider, Otto.

CUT TO a shot looking up at KRAVEN as he stands over Spider-Man. He’s wearing his traditional costume.

6 KRAVEN And you aren’t the first to cheat death.

7 KRAVEN Now get up and fight.


  1. Excellent idea, Dan - I'll be mad as hell if Marvel don't do something similar while Otto's wearing the webs.

  2. A moody and atmospheric page that makes you great concept sing. This is just great comics man.

  3. Very clever. An idea I wish I'd thought of.

  4. Cheezus, this was absolutely dark, gritty in the best way, and the Kraven reveal was perfect.

    (BTW, did anyone else happen to read Kraven's captions in Daniel Day Lewis's voice? Tell me HE wouldn't be perfect casting...)

    Anywho...fanTAStic script this week.

  5. Wow. This is some amazing Spider-Man knowledge being leveraged to its fullest extent. I hadn't even thought of Kraven's unique history with Spidey, and I love the way you play into the pseudo-supernatural elements that the character has had for so long. Not to mention the brilliant use of imagery with Otto acting like the animal of his namesake. Absolutely killed this one, Dan.


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