Thursday, February 14, 2013

Superior Spider-Man - Juliet & John – Shaun Richens.


Dr Parker will be the name used for the Doc Ock in Peter Parkers body character.

Ghost Peter will be the name for the apparition of Peter Parker.

1. INT. Secret Underground Base of shieldwatch. We are a few floors lower down than the confrontation now taking place between LADY Lightning and JOHN STRANGE.

We are in the lab of DR PARKER. One of SHIELDWATCH’s leading scientists. Juliet’s DROP POD is suspended from the labs ceiling by lines of DR PARKER’s webbing. The dark green fungus spores seen on the underside of the POD in PAGE ONE have grown and spread and now cover a quarter of it.

         NO COPY.

2. DR PARKER is at his workstation underneath the hanging POD. He looks just like Peter Parker, however he wears DOC OCK’s goggles and a set of DOC OCK’s four robotic arms. Each one of the robotic arms holds a strange piece of scientific equipment. In DR PARKER’s actual hands he holds a small petri dish with a sample of the GREEN SPORE in it and in the other, a pipette half filled with a dark red liquid.

GHOST PETER stands to his side a puzzled look on his face.

         GHOST PETER:
Are we back in grade school? You have all this fancy equipment and you’re using a pipette and petri dish.

         DR PARKER:
You were always a lazy fool Peter. Science isn’t about the tools, but the results.
         DR PARKER:
         I am living proof of that boy.

3. Close up on DR PARKER’s hands as he squeezes the tip of the pipette sending a small droplet of the red liquid down towards the petri dish.

         DR PARKR:
         If this has the results I fear it might…

4. The red droplet splashes into the green spore in the petri dish.

         NO COPY.

5. The green spore engulfs the red liquid. The spore bubbles and grows out of the petri dish.

         DR PARKER:
         … You’ll be glad to be dead.


  1. I like how your Amalgam characters became an amalgam of Doctor Octavius and Peter Parker in a way that is different than what we're seeing in Marvel Comics. I also like the back and forth your interpretation provides.

    Also, a nice way to slow things down a bit to work in that pod from earlier and build some mystery. That last line is solid.

  2. I really admire how you manage to get the essence of the weekly characters, and bend them to fit your plotting. P.S. What's IN that POD?!?

  3. Good stuff. You hit the right beats character wise (getting the essence of the character right, rather than hitting it literally) and the page builds tension effectively for the next one.


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