Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Superior Spider-Man - Misfiring - Grant McLaughlin

I'm sorry about this.  I had no choice.

For scripting simplicity, Superior Spider-Man / Spider-Man / Otto Octavius all refer to Doc Ock's current existence within Peter Parker's body.  Ghost Peter refers to the ghost-like echo of Peter's subconsciousness (or whatever that thing is).

1 - Superior Spider-Man and Mysterio are facing off.  Spider-Man points at Mysterio meaningfully.  Mysterio looks confused.  Ghost Peter is off to the side looking embarrassed.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN: I don't take advice from people who wear aquariums on their heads.

GHOST PETER: Fish bowls, Otto!

2 - Superior Spider-Man and the Scorpion have been fighting in a construction area.  Spider-Man has defeated Scorpion by pinning him under a whole bunch of construction related objects.  Scorpion looks battered and bruised.  Ghost Peter is off to the side looking upset.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN: I bet that hurts quite a bit.

GHOST PETER: Stings!  It stings!

3 - Superior Spider-Man and Electro are fighting on top of a building.  Superior Spider-Man has made himself those web boxing gloves to better punch Electro without being electrocuted.  Both look weary from the fight, but Electro is clearly the worse for wear.  Ghost Peter off to the side being apoplectic.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN: This may come as a surprise, but I am going to plug the pull on this fight.

GHOST PETER: Come on, I did this one, like, two weeks ago!

4 - Superior Spider-Man and Jack O'Lantern are fighting in Times Square.  Jack is flying above the busy streets on his flyer thing.  Spider-Man has wrapped Jack's head in webbing so he can't see.  Ghost Peter is swinging alongside looking disappointed.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN: It's clear that you must be quite fond of that computer trivia game whose title includes your first name.  Because you are aware of very little!

GHOST PETER: That's how you do You Don't Know Jack?  Seriously?

5 - Superior Spider-Man and Chameleon have been fighting.  However, the battle is already over, as Chameleon lies unconscious at Spider-Man's feet.  Spider-Man stands behind him, triumphant.  Ghost Peter is off to the side, facepalmimg because he is so disappointed with what's going on.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN (1): Didn't see me behind you?  Where's your full 360-degree arc of vision now, Chameleon?

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN (2): ...like the reptile whose name you share!

GHOST PETER: Ugh, I don't even know what that was supposed to be.

6 - Back in Otto / Peter's apartment.  Otto / Peter has his mask off and is studiously looking through Peter's Pun Journal.  There are bags under his eyes; he's clearly been working at this quite hard.  Ghost Peter stands behind the couch Otto sits on, looking smug.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN (1): Parker always made it look so easy...

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN (2): How did he ever manage to keep track of so much inane wordplay?

GHOST PETER: It's because I care about the pundamentals!


  1. I just love puns, and am glad to see your "pun journal" make its return. Very punny page.

  2. This is fantastic on about a million levels. The choice in villains shows off some of the best and most underused spidey bad guys whilst each fight has perfect dialogue choices from both Otto and Ghost peter.

    The electro panel was a wonderful panel with great beats and call back to your pun journal week that set this up.

    Also the Chameleon panel destroyed me, Otto's overly long yet scientifically accurate banter about field of view was pure genius.

    Awesome page.


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