Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Superior Spider-Man - The Best Man Won - R.A. Wonsowski

(Had a little trouble this week.  Just got caught up on the "big switch".  Side note:  I really like this new direction; I just wish I knew what to do with it...ah well, happens to the best of us...)

Layout:  Page is split in half.  Top panel has a circular inset panel in the upper left corner. Caption runs in the space between the two great panels (#2 and #3).

Panel 1 (inset):  We are looking through one eyepiece of a microscope.  In the center, we see what looks like how Walt Disney wrote the letter "Y":

Surrounding the "Y" are very tiny prism-like boxes suspended in opaque reddish-pink fluid.  The ones closest to the "Y" seem to break apart, like the sides falling away from each other.

Panel 2:  Foreground:  "Peter Parker", lab goggles resting on his forehead, peers through the microscope with one eye.  He is grinning smugly with self-satisfaction.  Behind him, his boss at Horizon Labs, MAX MODELL reads a thick report, his face in shock and admiration.  The lab is dark, but is lit so we can see "Peter" and MAX.  In a rear corner in the background, operating theatre lights shine on an open macaque monkey corpse.

MAX:  A retrovirus that seeks and destroys both Ebola strains, and Marburg...My GOD, Parker, you'll get the Nobel for this...

Panel 3:  On the roof of Trump World Tower, we see BLACK CAT, reclining on her side, on a picnic blanket.  There is an open picnic basket, a small tray of cheeses, two empty wine glasses positioned on the blanket, but we have a full view of her long body.  She has an old, dark wine bottle in each hand, and she is smirking seductively at us.  Behind her are the lights of New York City on a moonlit night.

BLACK CAT:  I wasn't sure which would go better, the '45 Mouton-Rothschild or the '45 Romanée Conti...

CAPTION (Spider-Ock, between panels 2 & 3):  All this potential...wasted on that pathetic Peter could he have been such a colossal fool?


  1. On the one hand, it's a well written page, but on the other hand, I find something very disturbing about the idea of Doc Ock actually making better use of Peter's life than Peter was able to.

  2. I'd say that aspect is part of why the current status quo is so polarising.

    Solid page told deftly.

  3. Very strong page. It feels like page one of a new arc, you set up so many great elements in such a short space of time. Solid writing buddy.


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