Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Superior Spider-Man – Superior Spider-Man 2.0 – MK Stangeland Jr.

(‘Spock’ has – with a touch of help from some acquired Ultron-based technology and designs – build a new version of the Iron Spider back harness with its three ‘waldos’ and incorporated it into his red and blue costume.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN – ‘SPOCK’ – is swinging through New York as HUMAN TORCH – JOHNNY STORM – flies nearby.

HUMAN TORCH: So what’s the deal, Spidey? I thought you were done with extra arms.

‘SPOCK’: If you’re referring to the machination that Stark built for me, it was ditched out of necessity.

Panel 2: More swinging and flying.

‘SPOCK’ (1): But it would be foolish to disregard the concept and never re-consider it.

‘SPOCK’ (2): Consider the vast utility of a few extra limbs.

Panel 3: Still more swinging and flying.

‘SPOCK’: I simply needed time to design my own alternative and…

Panel 4: More of ‘SPOCK’s swinging. Panel should be laid out as though it were a thought balloon where the next words that ‘SPOCK’ might potentially say are run through his head first – basically him thinking before he speaks.

‘SPOCK’: (Inside thought balloon) …and to improve on Stark’s obviously inferior arm design.

Panel 5: Small panel focusing around ‘SPOCK’s eyes as he thinks that maybe he shouldn’t say the words in PANEL 4 out-loud.

‘SPOCK’: (Thought Balloon) Perhaps I should re-phrase that.

Panel 6: Back to more swinging and flying.

‘SPOCK’: …to, well, fix the obvious problems.



  1. I like the idea of Spock finding an excuse to get himself some Doc Ock limbs, but this page is a little ho hum for my tastes. It speaks to Otto's character and has the thought balloon joke in there, but neither are quite pronounced enough to put this page over the top in my estimation.

  2. It'd a solid page and it explores the dichotomy between the Spider-Man persona and Ock's nicely. However, I felt it needed a bit more kick at the end, a push as it were. A punch line or bit of visual kick to give the page a nice payoff.

  3. Some solid concepts at work on this page, and it builds nicely with your thought balloon technique. However I agree with Dan it needed just a bit more punch to end on, cus the ideas are sound.


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