Sunday, February 17, 2013

Unknown Soldier -Blank Canvas -Dan Hill


OPEN on a woman’s HAND as it pulls a light cord.

1 CAPTION Thousands took to the street to protest.

CUT TO a CLOSE UP on the bare light bulb hanging from the bathroom ceiling as it flickers into life.

2 CAPTION A cacophony of voices against brutality and corruption.

Wide panel: CUT TO a shot of YOUNG WOMAN in her early to mid 20’s peering into the mirror inside a cramped bathroom. She’s middle eastern in appearance with shoulder length dark hair and green eyes. Savage bruises and cuts dot her face. Her vintage grey t-shirt and jeans are speckled with blood.

A first aid kit lies open on the worktop by the sink beneath the mirror.

3 CAPTION Why was mine singled out?

CLOSE UP on the woman’s hand as she reaches for the bandages inside the first aid kit.

4 CAPTION This is not defeat.

5 CAPTION I am not hiding.

CUT TO a tight shot on the back of the woman’s head as she begins to wrap the bandages around her head and face.

6 CAPTION I will be the blank canvas for the disenfranchised and oppressed.

Wide panel: CUT TO a shot focusing on the mirror of the bathroom. In its reflection we can see the young woman leaving the room, her back to us. She is partly hidden by shadow but we can see that the bandages now cover her entire head.

7 CAPTION I will be their masterpiece.


  1. I like the script. The idea of the Unknown Soldier being more of a legacy than anything else, of new ones being created all the time and enduring simply because it's utterly human and utterly proper (also utterly mad, but that's neither here nor there) to keep going and refuse to back down, ever, to logic... well, it's a fantastic one!

  2. Great opening, Dan! The new Unknown Soldier being a middle-eastern woman is brilliant! Very timely and yet tips the hat appropriately to all the soldiers before her...

  3. Ray sums up my thoughts in such an eloquent way that I don't have much more to add. However war stories are clearly something you are meant to write, you have such a keen way with them, your grasp of this genre and style reminds me of all the great Garth Ennis war books, so thats damn impressive.


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