Monday, February 18, 2013

Unknown Soldier - Hailing From - Ben Rosenthal

Two things - yes I did write this to take place in the SCW universe and yes it will be drawn up as an actual SCW strip down the line.  Hey, I have deadlines and need to multi task!

1.  The SCW Ring Announcer is standing in the ring.  Alongside him is a man in a soldier’s uniform, but with a black, emotionless mask over his face.  Reilly and Murdoch are in the commentary box in the bottom right of the panel (separate panel as always).  Reilly looks pleased with himself while Murdoch looks to be questioning.

Introducing, and standing to my right--

Kind of a cheesy uniform you chose for him Reilly.

2.  The Solider is saluting as the Ring Announcer reads off his stats.  In the commentator’s box Murdoch is appalled at the lack of imagination Reilly has used.

Standing at an unknown height and hailing from places unknown, he is—

How can he have an unknown height?  He’s standing right next to him? 
This character could not get any worse.

3.  The Soldier is completing his salute while the Ring Announcer finishes calling his name.  In the commentator’s box Reilly is looking pleased with himself.  Murdoch has slammed his head on the desk.  Hard. 



  1. The height gag and Murdoch's reaction make this page.

    Hats off to you. I find comedy incredibly difficult to write and execute. You pull it off.

  2. Please post the art,or the link to the strip, when it's done...

  3. The fact that you not only made this work, but work so damn well is testament to your writing skills. You have a gift for writing the SCC stuff you hit so many great beats in three short panels. A tip of the hat to you sir.

  4. Thanks guys. If you're interested, the comic went live on Monday -


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