Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Unknown Soldier – Mirror War – MK Stangeland Jr.

The UNKNOWN SOLDIER is battling a man dressed just like him, bandages and all – the UNKNOWN IMPOSTER. For simplicities sake, the two will simply be referred to as ‘SOLDIER’ and ‘IMPOSTER’ during this script.

(8 Panels)

Panel 1: Setting: An industrial park. SOLDIER and IMPOSTER run in opposite directions as they simultaneously shoot at each other and try to move to cover as the back-side of an explosion continues to erupt in the background.

SFX: Bam bam bam bam bam!

SFX: toom-toom-toom-toom-toom!

RADIO VOICE: Lost targets, lost target. I repeat, lost targets.

Panel 2: A command center. AMANDA WALLER is edging a operator slightly to the side as she tries to speak directly to the other people at the industrial sight alongside SOLDIER.

WALLER: Get them back! I do not want us loosing track of the real one!

Panel 3: A video/computer screen image shows SOLDIER hiding behind a stack of crates. He’s fiddling with a small electronic device.

RADIO VOICE: We have visual on the Soldier.

Panel 4: Close-up on the face of AMANDA WALLER as she ponders out-loud.

AMANDA WALLER: What is he…

Panel 5: The screen from panel 3 goes to static.

RADIO VOICE: Scratch that, we’ve lost all video feed.

Panel 6: WALLER slams her fist down on a control panel in anger.

AMANDA WALLER: [Word Blacked Out]!!!

Panel 7: As people rush about trying to fix the problem one operator turns to look at WALLER.

OPERATOR: What’s he doing!?

WALLER: He’s making this fight personal.

Panel 8: Close-up on AMANDA WALLER’s glaring eyes.

WALLER: He wants to settle this fight between just the two of them.



  1. Great visuals, some cool story telling devices with the live feed on the screens giving us to sets of character at once and you end on a nice hook for a page turn or end of issue.

  2. A solid action packed page with some great moments.

  3. Oh, man...shades of Huxley, and you absolutely nail the Soldier's M.O. Also, thanx for bringing in "the Wall"...that may have to be another week's character....


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