Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why Superior Spider-Man?

Hey it's you!  How have you been?

Should I fetch you some sunglasses?  I imagine that the sunlight would be pretty harsh after crawling out from under that rock you've been living under for the past few months.

I mean really, you have to ask Why we are writing Superior Spider-Man?

In recent memory there has not been such a controversial storyline.  Doc Ock taking over peter's body and giving the super heroing a go, all while a Force ghost Peter Parker watches (and commentates  helplessly).  How could I resist.

For me the most interesting aspect of Superior Spider-Man is the fact that Dock Ock is living up to his decree - he is becoming a more efficient and effective Spidey.  Through Doc's updates we are seeing that the 'old Parker luck' may just be an excuse for Peter not getting his stuff together.

And remember - if you have a Superior Spider-Man page of script in you post it below.  We would love to read it and give you feedback.


  1. Have you guys ever had those moments of pure obsession where you just up and stare at a computer all day researching about a certain topic? Well, this why post sent me to that moment. Hard. I hadn't known. I HADN'T KNOWN!
    Now, I'm kinda broke 'cause I'm gonna buy pricey first prints of Amazing Spider-man #698-700 and Superior Spider-man #1-3.

    But, anyways. Onwards to playing at home. Great character pick! Great why post!

    1. Those moments are both the best and the worst.

      Best because of how much learning comes out of them, worst because of how much time you realize you've spent on the subject once you're finally ready to call it a night.

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  3. Superior Spider-Man: The Ghost of Peter Parker... and Deadpool!


    Panel 1
    Spider-man is perched atop a water tank. POV is on the Spidey's back. Deadpool is raising his hands a bit like a friend welcoming another. We see a bit of the streets below lit with the street lamps. Near Deadpool is a tripod with a scope attached to it.

    SPIDER-MAN: What are you doing here, Wade?

    DEADPOOL: Hey! Spidey!
    (link) Oh, I was just SWINGING by to look at a friend of mine.

    Panel 2
    Spidey has jumped off the tank and is in his landing position. Peter Parker's ghost is standing beside him with a confused look. We also see midway between Deadpool's side and back, his body language suggests is both shocked and amused.


    SPIDER-MAN: Alright. Let's get this over with. Who hired you?

    CAPTION (Deadpool 1): Holy crap! A ghost!

    PETER: Wait, what? You can see me?

    CAPTION (Deadpool 1): Of course, I can see you! Everyone can see you.

    CAPTION (Deadpool 2): Well, except for everyone else.

    PETER: That doesn't make sense!

    CAPTION (Deadpool 1): You don't make sense. Who the hell are you?

    PETER: Uhm... Okay, Wade, this is me. I'm Spider-man!

    CAPTION (Deadpool 1): Really? You don't look like Spidey.

    CAPTION (Deadpool 2): Yeah. You're not wearing red like me, you copy-cat!

    PETER: What? Well, I'm not wearing my costume.

    CAPTION (DEadpool 2): Makes sense.

    CAPTION (Deadpool 1): Agreed. So if you're not Spidey, and you're a ghost, who the hell is that dude?

    PETER: Well, that's --

    CAPTION (Deadpool 1): Oh, nevermind. I'm pretty sure it's complicated.

    Panel 3
    Side-view of both Spider-man and Deadpool's face staring at each other.

    SPIDER-MAN: What're you doing? Why are you staring at me?

    DEADPOOL: I'm not staring at you! I just can't move until HE turns to the next page!

    CAPTION (Deadpool 1): Dummy!

    1. Oh, Wade you crazy cat.

      I dug this. Some of the dialogue seemed a bit rusty at the start but it tightened up as the page progressed.

  4. A fun page here man. The concept of Deadpool being able to see Peter's ghost makes for a great hook, and the back and forth between them feels just right. Good work.

    1. Love the page, Arby. Agreed with MK that the idea of Deadpool being able to see Pete's ghost is a stroke of genius, and I totally dig the back and forth between the two (three with the caption boxes?).

    2. Thanks guys! Man, I just really loved the idea that Deadpool knows he is in a comic book because you could just toy with it a lot!

  5. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN: Severe Punishment

    PANEL 1

    Alley. MUGGER running for life. Scared witless. Waving a gun around wildly.

    MUGGER: Leave me alone, man.

    PANEL 2
    Mugger's feet and hands bound by webbing. He's slumped against the wall. His gun barrel is covered in webbing too. SPIDER-MAN looms over him, looking every inch a mad scientist.

    SPIDER-MAN: Your mistake was making poor use of your surroundings. Running forward was strategically flawed. And shooting me with a gun? I am Spider-Man. Shooters like you are no threat.

    PANEL 3
    BANG. Bullet embedded in the wall just shy of Spider-Man. He gulps, nervous.

    PANEL 4
    THE PUNISHER stares down Spider-Man. Gives him a cold look.

    THE PUNISHER: You're not the kid.
    SPIDER-MAN: I assure you I am.
    THE PUNISHER: Bullet from this gun says otherwise. Killing you brings the heat down, but I'm real patient.

    PANEL 5
    The Punisher cocking a shotgun. Spider-Man backing away. PETER'S GHOST in the background is actually laughing.

    THE PUNISHER: Be seeing you.
    PETER'S GHOST: I guess his punishment must be more severe.
    THE PUNISHER: Shut up, boy.
    PETER'S GHOST: Can he hear me?

    PANEL 6
    The Punisher walking away like Charles Bronson in The Simpsons episode where he takes over the Andy Griffith show. Peter's Ghost rubs his head.

    PETER'S GHOST: Nah, probably knows me too well. I love quipping.

    1. Plot mechanics aside I think you got the Punishers voice spot on here. I like the notion he'd be savvy enough to tell it wasn't Peter as well.

    2. Thanks. I was worried about that. It's got to be exact and to the point, while still being intense and world-weary.

  6. I really like the page, Ian. Bringing the Punisher into this is a neat concept, and I like the idea that he recognizes that it isn't really, Pete. However, with you playing the whole page so straight, the self-referential "I love quipping" remark reads as a little much in my view.

  7. I completely agree. My oroblem was that I wrote myself into a corner with 'how does The Punisher know Peter's Ghost is quipping.' Only way out I could see was 'well, he knows I like to quip.' Like The Punisher is genre savvy enough to understand how this stuff works.

    But it was very clumsily written, and in retrospect I think you'd need another page to explain that. Which wouldn't advance any kind of plot, so feels completely superfluous.

    1. A great use of the Punisher. It's nice to have the hunter/tracker part of his character shown in such an interesting way, I think you're totally right that he would know it wasn't Peter.


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